Nick Diaz cleared of criminal charges of domestic violence

September 2, 2018

The Las Vegas District Attorney declined to pursue domestic assault charges against Nick Diaz.  The charges result from a May 2018 altercation with a woman claiming to be his girlfriend.

The state did not move forward and the case was dismissed with prejudice by Las Vegas Justice Court judge Amy Chelini.  There were conflicts with the girlfriend’s story when interviewed by authorities which caused doubt in the allegations.  Police had ruled Diaz as the aggressor in the altercation which alleged resulted in an injured hip to the girlfriend.

But a grand jury declined to indict Diaz and after Diaz’s attorney, Ross Goodman, spoke with the district attorney’s office, the prosecutors decided to dismiss the charges.   Judge Chelini stated on the record that “they say you can indict a ham sandwich so that tells me everything I need to know.”  She also credited prosecutors for not dedicating any more resources to the case.  (transcript via MMA Junkie)

Payout Perspective:

The good news for Diaz is that he is cleared of all charges and may continue with his MMA career.  It does appear that the allegations were not solid to prosecute Diaz and based on the Court’s tenor, they did not believe that there was a case.

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