Nick Diaz arrested on charges of domestic battery

May 25, 2018

Nick Diaz has been arrested in Las Vegas on charges of domestic battery by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic battery.  The alleged victim was female.

According to a report from MMA Junkie, 12 units were dispatched to the scene on Thursday evening and Diaz was combative with officers during his arrest.  A bail hearing is scheduled for Saturday morning at 9:00am.

Diaz has just come off of a one-year suspension from USADA for a whereabouts violation of the UFC anti-doping policy.

Payout Perspective:

The Saturday morning hearing is due to his constitutional right to have one 48 hours after an arrest.  If the reports are true, Diaz becomes another UFC fighter with a criminal record.  This one will come with a lot more scrutiny since it is related to domestic violence.  Although the UFC has seemingly overlooked Greg Hardy’s past, we will see what happens with Diaz.  He’s been a popular figure despite his abrasive behavior, but this latest episode seems to be different.

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