CSAC revokes Jon Jones’ fight license and fines him $205,000 for failed drug test

February 27, 2018

The California State Athletic Commission unanimously voted (6-0) to revoke Jon Jones’ fight license and invoke a $205,000 fine against him for a banned steroid in his system discovered in a pre-fight drug test at UFC 214.

The $205,000 fine is 40% of his $500,000 disclosed pay (plus $5,000) for his matchup with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 on July 29th.

At a hearing held on Tuesday morning, the California State Athletic Commission heard Jones’ testimony as well as those from two experts that opined on Jones’ test results and how he could have had Turanibol and its metabolites in Jones’ system.  Jones did not dispute the finding but seemed to rest his case on the fact that he did not knowingly take the substance.  Jones did not appear to be a very good witness advocating on his own behalf.

Notably, Dr. Daniel Eichner stated that he has never heard of an case where a medication, supplement or otherwise to have been tainted with Turanibol or its metabolites.

Jones may re-apply for a CSAC license at the conclusion of his case with USADA.  Jones will need to make a request before the CSAC and receive a majority vote.  His license revocation was set to expire on August 28th per ESPN.com’s Brett Okamoto.

USADA has yet to rule on Jones’ case although his representatives believe it could happen as soon as next month.  According to the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, Jones, a potential second-time offender, could be facing a 4-year ban.

Typically, other states would honor California’s license revocation, so any thought that Jones could fight in another state is unlikely.

Payout Perspective:

The prospects of Jones in a UFC octagon in 2018 looks bleak.  While, the CSAC did not issue a longer suspension, it appears that they are awaiting USADA to do the duty.  Jones’ admission to the test findings likely seals his fate.  The strategy of arguing that Jones did not knowingly take Turinabol but offering no other reason for the test had no effect in mitigating the penalties.  I would not expect USADA to mitigate any penalty either but we shall see.

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