BodyArmor enters the Octagon as UFC sponsor

January 19, 2018

BodyArmor will have a strong branding presence at UFC 220 as the “Official Sports Drink” of the UFC.

The sponsorship agreement was announced late last year and had an initial rollout during UFC 217 in New York with Kobe Bryant in attendance at a media session during fight week.  This will be the first time that BodyArmor will have its brand throughout the Octagon.

The brand will be seen on stools, towels and buckets.  Certainly, the announcers will be pushing BodyArmor’s “Knockout Punch” drink, which was co-branded specifically for the UFC.

The brand also had a presence during The Money Fight this past August and the huge audience probably affirmed its investment with combat sports.

Payout Perspective:

The Body Armor deal is another positive sign for UFC business as it tries to find more and more brands.  Look for more sponsorship deals in the year.

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