McGregor doc set to make U.S. one night debut

October 17, 2017

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the Conor McGregor documentary from U.K.-based Trafalgar will be released in the United States on November 8th in movie theaters across the country.  Conor McGregor: Notorious is limited for the one night on Wednesday, November 8th as it coincides with an exclusive interview with McGregor.

The interview will be from the film’s world premier in Dublin.  The documentary was shot over a four-year period and details the story of McGregor’s rapid ascension from apprentice plumber and aspiring MMA fighter to making millions this past August when he fought Floyd Mayweather, ,Jr.

Payout Perspective:

Maybe the rumors of a potential fight with Paulie Malignaggi are just a way to keep McGregor’s name in the news as his documentary is set to be released.  The “one night only” access is interesting since it’s mid-week and does not give Conor fans the opportunity to see the documentary if they can’t get out to see it.  Of course, with a niche audience, perhaps theatres only wanted to limit the showing so it does not take away from other movies at the theatres.

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