Bellator introduces Flying Cage Saturday

September 21, 2017

Bellator announced that it is revealing the Flying Cage” at this Saturday’s show in San Jose according to a press release.

Via Bellator press release:

A must-see spectacle, the steel structure is suspended from above and lowered to the platform beneath allowing the Bellator Kickboxing ring to completely transform into the Bellator MMA cage in less than 15 minutes. Having been featured at previous events in Florence, Italy, Torino, Italy and Budapest, Hungary, the Flying Cage has never before been utilized in the United States. Bellator is proud to bring this unique experience to its Bay Area home at SAP Center in San Jose, Calif. on September 23.

Payout Perspective:

 In the press release, the Flying Cage has a TM next to it indicating it is a trademark that has yet to be filed with the USPTO.  Notably, upon reviewing the USPTO web site, I could not find the application for the Flying Cage.  It’s not that Bellator will not file for the trademark (or has), it’s just that it is not on the web site yet.  Maybe a novelty that will be visually pleasing on television, it does not do anything to add to what happens inside the cage.  Yet, Bellator believes that the addition will be something for the production on television.

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