PVZ takes down controversial ad post

April 30, 2017

Paige VanZant is a Reebok-sponsored athlete and she is receiving some flack for a controversial post on social media.

VanZant took down a video post on her twitter feed where she was promoting Reebok’s newest collection of clothing.  It appears from the video (which has been since taken down) lifting up her shirt to reveal her abs and what we assume is a new Reebok sports bra.  While that might not be controversial, it’s her writing on a white carpet which drew the ire are eye rolls of MMA fighters and fans.

PVZ has since left a photo of a part of the video on her twitter account.

Payout Perspective:

Maybe more controversial than PVZ’s video is the fact that Nike also has a Black and White Collection.  This might lead to some mean letter-writing by lawyers.  But as for PVZ, one must wonder if this was something she thought of herself or something Reebok influenced her to do.  Certainly, Reebok wants her to use her social media platform to promote Reebok to her thousands of followers but the video seems to lack a sense of what her brand should be.  Obviously, if she wants to be thought of as a sex symbol, it would seem there are other ways to do it.

14 Responses to “PVZ takes down controversial ad post”

  1. Wil on April 30th, 2017 8:42 PM

    Ok what did the words say….I dont have twitter and I dont have much interest in this hype job.

  2. d on May 1st, 2017 8:17 AM


    Haha. Dork.

  3. Diego on May 2nd, 2017 12:03 PM

    It’s not for nothing that the two most popular female MMA fighters are both blonde and good looking (PVZ and Rousey). Neither is a currently a champion. Both lost their last fight. I can see how other fighters would get annoyed that in-cage accomplishments are secondary to looks when it comes to fame and sponsorships.

  4. d on May 2nd, 2017 3:55 PM

    Diego, with PVZ, you are correct, but there’s no way you can make the argument that Rousey doesn’t have the in-cage accomplishments. No female fighter has come even close to accomplishing what she has. Rousey had 7 title defenses.

  5. Diego on May 3rd, 2017 4:03 AM

    Even at her peak Rousey was overhyped. “Most dominant athlete in the world” was a ridiculous title. She got it on the back of her popularity, not on her accomplishments in a weak division. And she’s still the most popular female fighter in the world. Despite the fact that she’s been embarrassed in her last two outings. To me that says that her looks are more important than her performances.

  6. d on May 3rd, 2017 6:36 AM

    I really don’t understand why you jump all over this. How many female fighters have 7 title defenses like her? How many female fighters demolished their opponents like her in the first round, routinely. If the division was so weak, how come Holm, after winning the title could not defend it? How come Nunes was put away by two opponents that Rousey destroyed? Also, please don’t say Cyborg has better credentials. Cyborg should be banned for cheating, she cheats every fight.

    What happened to Rousey is what happens to a lot of fighters in mma after being on top for a while, they just lose it. It’s hard to stay on top for that long. The Rousey we saw against Holm/Nunes is not the same as the Rousey we saw during her crazy title run.

    Regardless, though, Rousey clearly has the most impressive resume by far of any female fighter in the history of mma. She put the sport on the map for females with her domination. Her in cage performances combined with her looks(although there are a lot of better looking girls in mma like Tate that don’t get the press Rousey does, because they aren’t as good of a fighter) is what made her a mega star. So my point was, her in cage accomplishment were not second to her looks. With PVZ it is though.

  7. Diego on May 3rd, 2017 10:13 AM

    Cyborg has better credentials.

  8. Diego on May 3rd, 2017 10:49 AM

    Holm is not a great fighter, neither is Nunes. But they are both solid strikers. The fact that both of them demolished Rousey shows how weak the division it. Rousey was feasting on grapplers with mediocre grappling skills. Once some decent strikers showed up, Rousey got exposed.

    Either way – she was overrated and it’s at least partially because of her looks.

  9. Diego on May 3rd, 2017 10:50 AM

    *mediocre striking skills

  10. d on May 3rd, 2017 12:45 PM

    Cyborg doesn’t have better credentials. Everything she’s accomplished is worthless. She’s cheated her entire career against girls who were not. She’s an embarrassment and disgrace to the sport.

    Yet Tate took out Holm. I don’t think anyone would ever accuse Tate of being some sort of world class striker. She was a predominant ground fighter- very good wrestler who’d win by grinding out fights on the ground. She did just that against Holm. Rousey from a few years ago would have beaten Holm easily. This is no different of a claim than when people say fighters like Silva and Liddell were frauds because they lost consistently at the end of their careers.

    What barometer do we have to measure who is an elite fighter or not if you are dismissing every girl fighter so easily other than a known, repetitive cheater? If Nunes, Rousey, Tate, etc are not elite fighters, than who is? There’s no valid argument for it. If you think about it, your argument stems from your claim that you can see why other women in mma get annoyed by her receiving all of this unjust attention, when in reality, she’s done far more than any of those girls, so it doesn’t make sense.

    We’ll agree to disagree. Rousey had proven to be above and beyond what any other girl fighter has. 7 title defenses does not equate to being overrated.

  11. Diego on May 3rd, 2017 1:32 PM

    “If Nunes, Rousey, Tate, etc are not elite fighters, than who is?”

    Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, etc. Fighters who can win consistently in deep divisions and who display mastery of MMA – not just one skill set – and who can string together victories at that elite level for years and years. I can’t think of any elite female fighters other than Cyborg. And perhaps Cyborg’s eliteness stems from steroids, but regardless, she’s been dominating for a decade.

    “Rousey from a few years ago would have beaten Holm easily.”

    I disagree. Rousey’s skills are not in decline. She is a lousy (and I mean abhorrently poor) striker. She always has been. Maybe Holm makes a mistake like she did against Tate and Rousey can finish her. But at any point in Rousey’s career, she struggles to get Holm down and gets lit up on the feet. It’s not that Rousey used to be better. She’s what she’s always been – one dimensional. A judoka with a wicked armbar.

    “your argument stems from your claim that you can see why other women in mma get annoyed by her receiving all of this unjust attention”

    That’s my complaint about PVZ. My complaint about Rousey is that she was overrated throughout her career, and her popularity was due more to her looks (and her agent) than her fighting skill. That was an ongoing complaint from me that hit it’s peak when she got that ridiculous “most dominant” award – while Klitschko still ruled boxing. I like to think I was proven right shortly thereafter by Holm. And again a year later by Nunes.

    And Rousey has a special place of scorn in my moral universe because she insults women who trade on their looks. And then goes out and trades on her looks. I hate hypocrites.

    But beyond Rousey, I think looks matter much more to women athletes (not just in MMA) than to men and that annoys a lot of very skilled women, who may not have the look to match. And that’s what this PVZ fracas is all about.

  12. d on May 3rd, 2017 6:02 PM

    It seemed like you were referring to women fighters being critical of her because she is “overrated”, which there is no basis for, because she’s done more than any woman has in mma. You also can’t Cyborg’s been dominating anything really because she hasn’t fought the top flight competition, outside of prior to the UFC establishing women’s divisions, and she’s failed multiple ped tests and cheats literally every fight. Her wins, status, etc are worthless. She’s a total fraud and any promoter or athletic commission that allows her to fight should be ashamed of themselves.

    A few points- Aldo and Silva did not win in deep divisions. MW was the worst division in mma for years when he ran the table. Doesn’t mean he’s not a great fighter, but let’s keep things in perspective.

    Her technical striking is not great, but I would not call her overall striking game abhorrent. She has 3 ko’s where she rocked her opponent standing- all title fights. One of which was against Alexis Davis who put away Amanda Nunes. This is what I’m talking about. It isn’t just you, there is a movement of people who really can’t stand Rousey and they exaggerate what her career standing is. She beat the best of the best in lightning fast speed. It wasn’t just that she had 7 title defenses, it’s that she made it look so easy when she was dominating. She is not the same girl that she once was. Look at her confidence from the Nunes fight and then look at it prior. She would have demolished Nunes and Holm a few years prior. Look at how easily Holm was completely outclassed on the ground against Tate- and no that was not some random luck, Holm’s ground game was complete garbage- you want to talk about abhorrent- that’s it. Rousey never would have lost that armbar on Holm a few years before. Holm didn’t make A mistake- she was exposed badly. She was taken down 2 times in that fight in 2 different rounds and Tate embarrassed her on the ground. Plus as I pointed out, she wasn’t 1 dimensional. Of her 8 title fights, she had 3 kos and 5 subs.

    Like I said, I agree with you on PVZ, but not Rousey, she’s done more than any other girl has by far. If you want to say no girl is elite, you can’t include Cyborg because of her career of never being clean. You also can’t say any female UFC fighter has any right to gripe at Rousey getting that much press or attention, because she has a better resume than ANY female mma fighter.

  13. Diego on May 4th, 2017 4:32 AM

    “She would have demolished Nunes and Holm a few years prior.”

    I couldn’t disagree more. We’re never going to agree on this.

    “Holm’s ground game was complete garbage- you want to talk about abhorrent- that’s it.”

    Agreed. And that’s who Rousey lost to.

    “You also can’t say any female UFC fighter has any right to gripe at Rousey getting that much press or attention, because she has a better resume than ANY female mma fighter.”

    Yes I can. When Holm beat her to a pulp the story was all about Rousey. Holm never got the popularity boost. And it was because of Rousey’s movies, ESPN shoots, etc. If I’m her opponent, I would find that unfair and I would gripe about sexism in the sport – that you need to go on Jimmy Fallon with your boobs hanging out to get a sponsorship deal. Or roll around half naked to get a Rebook deal (back to PVZ – see what I did there?).

  14. d on May 4th, 2017 5:03 AM

    “Agreed and that’s who Rousey lost to.”

    My point exactly, she would have never lost to her prior. She beat girls with better take down d and ground games.

    “Yes I can.”

    That’s not accurate. Holm became an overnight sensation. Her popularity, pay, etc went through the roof. She started headlining cards- notably ppvs. Did she get the notoriety that Rousey did after her win? No. Just like Buster Douglas didn’t(although he did become very popular shortly after), that Mike Tyson did when Douglas beat him. Just like Chris Weidman didn’t despite beating Anderson Silva 2x. Plus plenty of more examples of this from great fighters who finally lost after dominating for long against a lower profile opponent. Also, as I’ve pointed out before, Holm hasn’t accomplished a fraction of what Rousey has in the sport. She would have no gripe about this. She couldn’t even defend her title ever and her only attempted defense was a loss against a girl who Rousey beat easily 2x.

    Yes, I agree, we won’t see eye to eye on this.

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