Means supports Reebok deal, not a fan of leaders of MMA union

March 10, 2017

Tim Means is not happy with Georges St-Pierre and the MMAAA.  In an interview with Bloody Elbow, he accuses GSP and other fighters of turning away from a fighters’ union.  He also supports the current Reebok deal as it has provided him with steady sponsor pay.

Means was not impressed by the MMAAA launch and wished that the fighters had briefed more on the organization’s plan before it was announced to the media and public.  He had reached out to Tim Kennedy, one of the fighters spearheading the MMAAA effort, but did not receive a response.

In the interview, Means claimed that Donald Cerrone has “jumped off that ship” and that the MMAAA is “a garbage plan.”  Means also stated that the fighters involved are “in it for themselves.”  He claims that GSP looked the other way once he was offered title fights.  GSP has stated that he will continue with MMAAA despite signing with the UFC.

As for issues with the Reebok deal, Means notes that prior to that deal, he would have sponsors but either they never paid or paid late.  With the Reebok deal, he is guaranteed pay and receives free gear.  Means is in a tier where he receives $10,000 per fight.  He is three fights away from an increase in earnings from $15,000 per fight.

Payout Perspective:

Means might be speaking for a lot of fighters in the “middle class” where they do not receive special benefits from the UFC.  His concerns address the issues of organizing fighters as the belief is that each organization may have an ulterior motive.

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  1. AK on March 13th, 2017 8:04 PM

    Thank you, Mr. Means, for voicing an unpopular opinion and showing you know how to actually think for yourself.

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