Winter departs UFC Fight Pass post

January 20, 2017

Eric Winter, the UFC Fight Pass executive that was hired to spearhead the growth of the digital over the top network announced that he was leaving the company Friday.  Wither cited family reasons as the need for the departure.

Winter wrote a lengthy note (via MMA Junkie) as for his reasons for his departure, namely his two young children.  He also spoke glowingly about the UFC.  He was hired from Yahoo! Sports in June 2015 to oversee the content and growth of UFC Fight Pass.

There is no word as to his replacement.

Payout Perspective:

It will be interesting to see how the new owners address the opening.  Fight Pass has expanded since Winter arrived and the news of Netflix a robust increase in subscriptions in its latest earning report should mean that the platform has more room to expand with more individuals becoming comfortable with the over the top platform.  Then again, there has been a push to curb costs so we shall see if there will be continued original content of a pull back from the expansion.

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    Jumping off the ship

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