Will there be punishment for Diaz, McGregor after UFC 202 press conference?

August 18, 2016

The water bottle flinging episode which ended the UFC 202 press conference on Wednesday provided some buzz for an event that lacks previous big fights.  But, will Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor be punished for their actions.

If you have not seen the press conference, McGregor showed up about 30 minutes late to the press conference.  Diaz, Anthony Johnson and Glover Texiera were present and on time.  Shortly after McGregor made his appearance, Diaz left with his team. Shouting and finger gestures were exchanged and that’s when the throwing of objects began.

According to the NAC 467.885(5), the Nevada Athletic Commission “may suspend or revoke the license of, otherwise discipline or take any combination of such actions against a licensee who has, in the judgment of the Commission:

  1. Conducted himself or herself at any time or place in a manner which is deemed by the Commission to reflect discredit to unarmed combat;

The UFC Code of Conduct states that the company can impose discipline for “Conduct that imposes inherent danger to the safety or well-being of another person.”  In addition “[c]onduct that undermines or puts at risk the organization or promotion of a UFC event, including without limitation, failure to deliver, engage in or otherwise execute any and all promotional responsibilities…” Also, “Conduct that undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the UFC.”

You can say that McGregor and Diaz’s actions yesterday were violations of all of the above.  While it may have been an indirect way to promote the fight Saturday, it put at risk those that were nearby.

Short plug, I was on with Josh Nason of The Wrestling Observer and we talked about the press conference in depth as well as the UFC 202 card.

Payout Perspective:

I don’t expect the revocation of a license but a fine will likely occur.  What will be interesting the commission hearing which will likely happen as a result.  Obviously, there’s a part of MMA fandom that likes to see this intensity.  But, when does it become sideshow, not sport.  I understand that this is a part of the promotion but the throwing of objects can carry liability if a bystander were to be hit or injured.

8 Responses to “Will there be punishment for Diaz, McGregor after UFC 202 press conference?”

  1. tops E on August 18th, 2016 1:46 PM

    http://mmajunkie.com/2016/08/dana-white-talks-about-how-the-ufc-sale-freaked-him-out-enough-to-hole-up-in-a-hotel-room……i was right he looked like he is on a downward spiral at the presscon hahahaha….fertitas left already leaving him behind

  2. Gil on August 18th, 2016 7:32 PM

    WE WWE NOW!!!
    Gotta keep those Lesnar era fans interested somehow.

  3. Fight Fan on August 18th, 2016 7:59 PM

    Dana is done with McTapper, he is an act that has been beaten already and is nothing more than a mouth now.

  4. Wil on August 19th, 2016 3:12 AM

    how pathetic the UFC is getting with this. The lines have definitely blurred between UFC and WWE

  5. BrainSmasher on August 19th, 2016 6:59 AM

    How is it blurring lines or like wwe? These kinds of altercations have always happened in the UFC. Just because there is cameras there to capture doesn’t make it WWE. Fighters have always postured and played head games with each other and this stuff happens as well as full blown fights. There is a list of back stage and out of cage fights between fighters a mile long going back to the early 90’s. Let’s not act like this is new just because it’s popular and more media films it for you to see. Fighters by nature are insecure, angry, aggressive, intimidating and at the same time don’t take being made to look bad very well. So it’s easy for fighters even in this day and age to take things personal or get pissed off and real emotions come out. Yes there is cameras often around and yes they can sometimes have financial gain as a side effect. But that doesn’t change how many react.

    For the most part all the media causes fighters to act better than they normally would. Back in the day fighters took less shit and they fought at the drop of a hat. It rarely happens now but when it does people always think it’s fake. If not for media and backlash. Ufc events would be a war zone with many fighters. Fighters are different that before but there are still some who have that throwback mentality.

  6. BrainEater on August 19th, 2016 10:00 AM

    The problem here is that this stuff is getting way too much attention, almost as much (if not more) than the fights themselves. Back in the 90’s we didn’t have online entertainment and press fights could be seen only once in a blue moon on TV. In 2016, however, we have higher expectations and standards. Press fights can be watched and rewatched thousands of times online. They’re not as exciting as before.

    Hence the low ticket sales.

  7. tops E on August 19th, 2016 11:21 AM
  8. Tim on August 22nd, 2016 6:28 AM

    Typical of this site.

    One of the best fights of the year, an instant classic, and what does one find in the comment section?

    Boxing fanboys mocking the UFC because they dropped prices on $9,995 tickets to a price of $7,995. Unfuckingbelievable. Typical of this site. Ironic too, because the above said boxing fanboys, who probably work at McDonalds, couldn’t even afford the $290 cheap seat at the event anyways.

    The show still was the fifth highest gate ever for the UFC (almost $8 million), had 15,000 plus there, and will do over a million ppv’s. But again, why does that even matter? What SHOULD matter is IF one watched the actual fight and got to see two warriors show a ton of heart, and battle in one of the best fights of the year. That in the end is what is important. Isn’t it?

    Whether the UFC made $48 million or $52 million, what does that matter? They (the owners) are still rich regardless, and those of you spilling in joy that they ‘might’ have made a few million less, . . . .

    …are still working at a job making $10 an hour.

    Get a life.

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