UFC-Joe Hand renew PPV distribution partnership

June 29, 2016

The UFC announced a multi-year’s partnership with commercial PPV distributor Joe Hand Promotions.  Financial terms were not disclosed.

Joe Hand Promotions will continue as the exclusive domestic distributor for UFC PPVs.  The company serves as the agent for the UFC in selling UFC PPVs to bars, restaurants and casinos.  It essentially sells licenses for businesses to air PPVs.  The fee varies per size of commercial establishment.

Via UFC.com announcement:

“Our relationship with UFC is one of the longest and most valued in the history of Joe Hand Promotions. The UFC is the largest Pay-Per-View provider in the world with unparalleled leadership and we are proud to be their partners,” Joe Hand Jr. said. “We look forward to growing our customer base together and bringing the excitement of the UFC to even more commercial locations.” ` `

In light of UFC 200, Joe Hand is offering a free conference call to help commercial owners effectively market next Saturday’s PPV.

Payout Perspective:

While its rarely discussed as we mainly focus on PPV buys, it’s Joe Hand’s job to sell UFC PPVs to commercial establishments.  As we indicate, the fees vary based on the establishment.  As we head into the biggest week of the year for the UFC, Joe Hand is expected to maximize the number of establishments that purchase a license to show 200.

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