Invicta FC’s Lee tests positive for diuretic

April 2, 2016

MMA Fighting reports that Invicita FC flyweight Andrea Lee has tested positive for a banned diuretic and has been temporarily suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

The suspension relates to a March 11th event in Las Vegas.  A urine test came back positive for the substance canrenone and or spironolactone.  Lee told her followers via social media.

Lee admitted to taking a “fluid pill.”

No date was announced for a hearing that would take place before the NAC.  Invicta issued its own statement which indicated it informs its athletes about “policies and expectations in regard to conduct” which includes the prohibition of banned substances.

Payout Perspective:

With the new NAC guidelines set in place last spring, a first-time offense for a positive finding of diuretics is a two-year suspension and a fine of up to 40 percent of Lee’s purse.  Lee made just $3,000 (reported by the NAC).  This type of penalty can be damaging for one’s career.  Lee is 27 and would be out of action for 2 years.  It might also force Invicta to hold her out of the promotion as well despite the fact her suspension would be with Nevada.

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