Silva will likely fight outside NV in spite of ban

February 21, 2016

Jack Encarnacao of The Boston Herald writes that Wanderlei Silva may seek to fight in another jurisdiction outside of Nevada prior to the end of the three year ban issued by the commission this past week.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission issued a 3-year ban for evading a drug test leading up to UFC 175.  The penalty comes after much delay from a May 2015 court ruling from the initial NAC ruling which gave Silva a lifetime ban and a $70,000 fine.

Silva’s attorney, Ross Goodman, indicated to The Boston Herald that his client could fight in another jurisdiction.  “I would think if you go to Texas or any place else, and the commission there looked at it and saw that there was suspension of a license he doesn’t hold, I’m not so sure a commission would defer to Nevada,” Goodman told the Herald.  He also though there would not be a problem with Silva fighting outside of the United States.

Payout Perspective:

Goodman’s comments are based on his continued belief that his fighter should not have been disciplined by the NAC when Silva was not licensed by the state of Nevada when they attempted to drug test him.  Silva had appealed the May 2015 court ruling to the Nevada State Supreme Court based, in part, on this contention.  The appeal was dismissed due to the fact that a final disposition of the NAC penalty had not been determined.  Now, with the ruling this past week, Goodman may seek to re-file the appeal.  Regardless, it does seem like that Silva can still find work despite the NAC suspension.

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  1. Teep on February 21st, 2016 12:18 PM

    Hell yeah. Fight Fedor in Rizin plz

  2. jf on February 21st, 2016 2:22 PM

    Well well, Teep to the junk !

    Fancy seeing you here :-p

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