TUF 22 Episode 9 draws 495,000 viewers

November 20, 2015

The 9th episode of TUF 22 drew an average viewership rating of 495,000 viewers on FS1 Wednesday night.  It was the highest rated 9th episode ever on FS1 per Fox Sports.

According to Fox Sports, it beat spring’s 9th episode by 38%, last fall by 19%, spring 2014 by 3% and fall of 2013 by 2%.

In addition, TUF 22 Episode 8 drew 742,000 in DVR+3 ratings which was up 38% from Live+SD and up 31% from spring episode 8.

The 9th episode was the coach’s challenge.  This year it featured McGregor and Faber dropping watermelons out of helicopters onto targets.  Faber came out victorious for his team and coaches.  In the fight of the show, Abner Lloveras of Team McGregor defeated Jason Gonzalez of Team Faber.

UFC TUF 22 through ep 9

Payout Perspective:

Having near 500K viewers as the best for a 9th episode of this series on FS1 reflects the change in viewership habits of fans since coming to FS1. Whether you think it is good or bad, the series still draws a steady audience.  Moreover, the amount of viewers watching the show this far into the season is a good sign that McGregror/Faber are retaining an audience.  The good news is that it is steady this year with an average at around 516,000 viewers.

One Response to “TUF 22 Episode 9 draws 495,000 viewers”

  1. Teep on November 21st, 2015 8:13 PM

    If I’m reading this right, this is the 3rd lowest numbers of the season. If they’ve got coaches dropping watermelons out of helicopters lol they must be desperate. Maybe more of a focus on fighting would be good for the show long term The sensationalist drivel isn’t as entertaining as the inner workings of the greatest sport on earth.

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