Nevada State Athletic Commission and Nick Diaz in settlement talks

October 28, 2015

MMA Fighting reports that representatives for Nick Diaz and the Nevada State Athletic Commission are discussion a potential settlement of his fine and punishment issued last month.

Sources told MMA Fighting that with settlement talks ongoing, Diaz could be back in the Octagon by 2016.  Amy Dardashtian also indicated that the best case scenario is that he is in the Octagon as early as this summer.

Last month, the commission issued a 5 year suspension and fined Diaz $165,000 for failing a drug test for marijuana at UFC 183.  The contentious hearing drew the ire of many fans which felt that Diaz was wrongly prosecuted and unfairly penalized.  Diaz’s lawyers stated that they would file a lawsuit against the NSAC seeking judicial review.  Notably, the NSAC never issued a written finding of Diaz’s suspension and fine per NSAC rules.  Only after the written order is issued and sent to Diaz’s representations could his lawyers file suit.

Interesting enough, Las Vegas law firm Campbell & Williams stepped in on the fighter’s behalf per a twitter post by Diaz.

Campbell & Williams represents the UFC in a variety of matters.  It is the law firm that is representing the UFC in the Wanderlei Silva defamation case.

Payout Perspective:

Clearly, the local influence of Campbell & Williams must have facilitated settlement talks.  Further, the fact that no written order was issued meant that no legal action would be pursued.  I would have to check the NSAC rules to see if there was a time limit for which they needed to issue an order.  Perhaps the NSAC did not figure that the Diaz penalty would have caused such a stir within the MMA community.  But, in the end, we should probably see the sides settle with the proviso that Diaz is able to participate in the Octagon sooner than later.

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