Silva bristles at donning Reebok

January 30, 2015

In a recent interview, Anderson Silva stated he will not wear Reebok in the UFC despite the impending uniform deal.  More damaging, he is quoted as saying he doesn’t identify with Reebok at all.

The quotes came in a recent interview with Brazilian outlet Terra and were reported by MMA Junkie.

Until Nike decided to opt out of the MMA sponsor business, Silva was a swoosh mainstay.  Silva stated that he identifies with the Nike brand even though he no longer is sponsored by the Beaverton, Oregon company.

Silva stated that his whole family wears Nike and Adidas.  As an aside, Adidas owns Reebok.

Payout Perspective:

The words from SIlva are not encouraging for Reebok when one of the biggest stars in the UFC does not endorse the brand.  Furthermore, although he’s being frank, he is burying the brand and endorsing its competitor, Nike.  Obviously, Silva’s long-time ties with Nike may persuade his views but I’m sure his opinion on the Reebok brand might be shared by other fighters that will be required to don the Reebok gear this July.

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