Cotto-Martinez: 300-315K PPV buys

June 26, 2014 is reporting that the Miguel Cotto-Sergio Martinez Top Rank PPV event that took place on June 7th only drew between 300-315K PPV buys which is well under the expected 500K anticipated.

After putting Martinez down three times in the first round, Cotto scored a 10th round KO of Martinez.  It was a much anticipated fight fans and well promoted on HBO.

SI’s Chris Mannix writes that multiple sources working with the promotion confirmed the number.  Mannix goes on to attribute the disappointing buy rate to a multiple of factors including the Belmont Stakes and the Stanley Cup which went into double overtime that night and well into the PPV.

In addition, UFC Fight Night 42 from New Mexico took place that night as well with Benson Henderson taking on Rustam Khabilov in the main event.  It was the third most-watched Fight Night on FS1 so far.

Bob Arum admitted to ESPN’s Dan Rafael that, “[t]he numbers were not great.”  He attributed this to “too many” PPVs.


“Pay-per-view was always designed, as was closed circuit back in the day, for true super fights, not just very good fights. There have been pay-per-views every month and people resent the fact that they’re asked to pay extra for anything halfway decent. Boxing pay-per-view numbers are down. Look at the (recent) numbers for the (Floyd) Mayweather and (Manny) Pacquiao fights. The UFC pay-per-view numbers are also down.”

Despite the rough numbers for PPV, Arum told ESPN that the gate drew $4.7 million.

Payout Perspective:

Arum essentially blames the low numbers on MMA fans’ favorite word when it comes to ratings: oversaturation.  In fact, Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole wrote a controversial piece on whether saturation is good for the UFC.  With Canelo Alvarez facing Erislandy Lara in a couple weeks, boxing will have another PPV this year that caters to the steady boxing fan.  Alvarez is still not a top draw and Lara is not known to anyone that does not follow boxing. So, are there too many boxing PPVs at this point?  There will definitely be more this year than last and at a price point between $60-$75, its likely fans will be picking and choosing which to buy.  Perhaps, many combat sports fans will implement a “one week rule,” which is to wait a week for the PPV fight to air on HBO/Showtime.  Even if you were to pay for HBO-Showtime, your cable bill for those premium channels could rival that of you purchasing all the boxing PPVs.  Plus, you would get all of the boxing shows on the networks…and of course the rest of what those premium shows have to offer.

Looking at the fight specifically, it was an under the radar good fight on paper.  Certainly, the Puerto Rican fan base came out for Cotto.   The same for the Argentinian fans of Martinez.  But, was it something that the broader, casual fan would purchase, or wait to see on HBO a week later?

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  1. saldathief on June 29th, 2014 1:14 PM

    More google research nonsense! you sound like some stupid College kid who’s never had a job and thinks he knows the world and business bahaha Comparing Amazon to the UFC is completely moronic. One is a retailer and another is in entertainment idiot. Shows you are an academic and know nothing. Did you read that on gooogle baha Yup first 2 quarters are in the toilet, whats your point? how does that make you right? and me wrong? how does it prove your point? How long are you going to hold on to UFC 168? you keep waving that flag like its paying the bills for the last 2 quarters. One good ppv last year wont change the facts this year. If spider makes it back in 14 I see the UFC having a shot at 1, yes 1, decent ppv other than that idk what to say. As long as the UFC pays its interest their credit rating will stay good, as soon as they default its over. Also a private company can hide, stall, and lie about assets until they try to borrow again. A public company can even lie and do but its illegal. What assets does the UFC even have? A bunch of dirty mats and T shirts

  2. D on June 29th, 2014 2:37 PM

    Google is all you’ve got. I run a business, I know how they operate. You are a geriatric moron who doesn’t know basic tax information.

    The principle is still the same between the two businesses regardless of what they provide in terms of goods and services. We were discussing liquidity or a lack there of and how it pertains to the stability of the business. Of course you dodged the analogy because it leaves you in a position where you were proven wrong for the 10000x. Fucking idiot.

    How long am I going to hold onto ufc 168 for? How long are you going to hold onto ufc 169 for? Your entire argument relies on a 6 month span, dismissing the prior 7 years in the business. This 6 month span also is a period of time where they lost their 2 biggest stars and scheduled no major bouts, all of which are occurring in the 2nd half of the year. That is the ultimate grasp of straws. Also, it wasn’t one good ppv last year, can’t you reading idiot. The estimated numbers are at the top of this website. They had a number of very good ppvs in 2013. Plus, when talking about the stability of the company, you are ignoring the fact that 45% of their income these days is non event related.

    They will most likely do a few ppvs that go over 500k buys. Jones-Gustafsson should do around 600-700k buys. You’ve got Weidman-Machida, the winner against someone else late in the year, a potential Pettis-Aldo fight, Cain-Werdum.

  3. The Greatest on June 30th, 2014 12:06 AM

    D, UFC 168 was a fluke.
    It was Anderson Silva, your biggest star getting KO’d for being a clown.
    It took so many things to factor in for that to reach 1m ppv.

    You know the last ppv that hit 1m before UFC 168 did? UFC 116 Lesnar vs Carwin.
    It took 3 and a half years for the UFC to hit 1m ppvs again. It took 52 ppvs since UFC 116 for that to occur

    2014 is all that matters tho D.

    Your in a new era.
    No Lesnar, no Silva, no GSP, no Liddell, no Couture, no Rampage, no Ortiz.

    Everything that mattered a few years ago holds no weight. The fighters of those days are gone.

    So yes 2014 only matters, and by the ppv numbers its proving us boxing fans right.

    Jones-Gus might not hit 500k and UFC 175 might not either.
    On their best outings they hit maybe 600k.

    MMA is over.

  4. The Greatest on June 30th, 2014 12:09 AM

    Im sorry I just noticed that D said Aldo-Pettis and Cain-Werdum would get over 500k ppvs.

    What fantasy world do you live in D?

    Cain vs JDS could only get 300k, how in the fuck would Cain vs Werdum do better than that?

    Aldo-Pettis? Doesn’t Aldo ppvs do like 200k at best?

  5. D on June 30th, 2014 4:07 PM

    Mental illness is a growing concern in our society.

    It is a fact that the last 3 shooting rampage madmen were stalking people from blog to blog.

    The Gayest should seek a mental health evaluation immediately.

  6. tops E on June 30th, 2014 5:09 PM

    D is losing it..hahaha…

  7. The Greatest on July 4th, 2014 5:06 PM

    Settle down D.

    Your just mad that I stumbled upon you spouting this non sense on here as well as

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