UFC ratings wrapup shows gains for TUF 19 debut, UFC on Fox 11

April 25, 2014

MMA Payout has learned form a Fox source that the DVR +3 ratings have aided UFC programming.  Notably, UFC on Fox 11 and the debut of TUF have increased from its initial overnight numbers.

UFC on Fox 11 which had overnight ratings of 1.99 million were given a lift with the Same Day (SD) DVR ratings which included the almost 30 minutes in overrun time to 2.5 million.  The DVR +3 rating which includes DVR viewing plus 3 days after the event gave it an endpoint of 2,681,000 average viewers.  This is up 4% from the SD rating.

Meanwhile, last week’s 2 hour season debut of TUF also saw a noticeably increase of near 50% to 861,000 average viewers.  The initial overnights had the episode at 595,000 viewers.

In addition, the TUF Nations Finale last Wednesday also saw an increase from 641,000 viewers to 735,000 viewers.

Finally, the UFC on Fox 11 Prelims saw a 6% increase from 521,000 to 550,000 average viewers on FS1.

Payout Perspective:

What can we learn from these adjusted numbers?  More people are using their DVR to view UFC programming especially The Ultimate Fighter.  There are obvious convenience reasons for recording the shows and watching them later.  It allows for viewers to speed through parts that they do not want to see or fights they do not care to watch.  Fox Sports recognizes this and we will see if this in any way becomes a problem when it comes to advertising rates for UFC programming in the future.

2 Responses to “UFC ratings wrapup shows gains for TUF 19 debut, UFC on Fox 11”

  1. BrainSmasher on April 27th, 2014 2:38 PM

    The is an interesting situation. TV networks want sports because they believe they are DVR proof. Granted a 4-6% increase isn’t a big deal. But when you get in the 10,15,20+ percent. Then that could be come a problem. The 15% the Finale had could show a lack of interest in the fighters and also a lack of mainstream interest. It suggests to me that group wasn’t interested enough to catch it live or same day. But also didn’t expect or wasn’t enough mainstream interest that they felt would ruin the results or didn’t ruin the results. If there is a lot of talk about the event. Its hard to not hear the results. Then again maybe Im reading to much into it.

  2. Diego on April 28th, 2014 6:10 AM


    I think you summed it up perfectly. It’s not interesting enough that people want to catch it live (with commercials, cage walks, etc.) and it’s not mainstream enough that it’s going to get ruined for you if you watch it the next morning.

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