Corrected: Glory 14 draws 495,000 viewers on Spike TV

March 11, 2014

MMAPayout has verified through Nielsen sources that Glory 14: Zagreb on Spike TV on Saturday night drew 495,000 viewers, which is now the second most watched Glory event on the network.


The event on Saturday night peaked at 588,000 viewers during the Cro-Cop versus Bonjasky main event.

Glory Ratings on Spike TV:

Glory 11: 381,000 viewers
Glory 12: 476,000 viewers
Glory 13: 659,000 viewers
Glory 14: 495,000 viewers


Payout Perspective:

When you look back to the debut of Glory on Spike TV, the 381,000 viewers was something you would expect in the US, which has never been to high on kickboxing as some other parts of the world are.  Since the debut, it has steadily increased it’s ratings on Spike TV for each following show.

Saturday nights show  finally ended that trend as the show was a -25% from Glory 13 but +23% increase since it’s debut. Even though the show did not do the number previously reported, Glory 14 still ranked as the second most watched event on Spike TV, only trailing the previous Glory 13 event. Glory and Spike TV should be more than thrilled with the ratings so far and with the decision to carry kickboxing on the American network.

7 Responses to “Corrected: Glory 14 draws 495,000 viewers on Spike TV”

  1. Tops of on March 12th, 2014 1:42 AM

    Good ratngs for glory…..future competition to the UFC hahaha

  2. Miskkie on March 12th, 2014 4:27 AM

    Also first show in after a 3 month “hiatus”. These are very good numbers indeed.

  3. Diego on March 12th, 2014 4:37 AM

    The interesting part is that these rating have gone up even as the shows have moved overseas. 11 & 12 were Chicago and New York, while 13 & 14 were Tokyo and Zagreb. Traditionally overseas shows do worse. If Glory can keep this trend going they have the potential to get a really big bump when they come back to the US. That’s great for fight fans because it will mean more fight sports on TV.

    Cro-Cop won that fight by the way. Over the years I have seen Bonjasky repeatedly win fights with that lay-back style and it absolutely baffles me. I have never been sold on how good he is, but he keeps winding up in the win column. I generally favor the guy coming forward in close rounds, and nearly all of Bonjasky’s rounds are close.

    As for Ristie, talk about snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. Did he not know it was a 5 round fight?

    And Ron Kruck is even coming into his own. His voice doesn’t grate on me as it once did. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

  4. wqewqeqw on March 12th, 2014 9:46 AM

    Glory is the most exciting fight league right now…

  5. Diego on March 12th, 2014 9:54 AM

    Corrected: Well, it’s still doing better than the US shows.

  6. BrainSmasher on March 12th, 2014 7:45 PM

    LMAO, Glory execs read and popped open a bottle of vintage 1996 Dom Perignon and lit up their finest cigars only to come back the next day and see they didn’t get 900K viewers. LMAO!

  7. Jaymes on April 17th, 2014 5:50 AM

    These numbers are horrible any way you GLORY promoting clowns try to cut and spin it. Fact is kickboxing is boring and has no chance of surviving in the US, there was a reason the other promotions failed and throwing more money at the problem is not the solution.

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