White talks WWE, Mayweather on Arsenio

January 29, 2014

Dana White appeared on The Arsenio Hall show on Monday night and proceeded to call out the WWE and its new network.  White also took a jab at Floyd Mayweather.

Dana on WWE

Dana on Floyd in UFC

Payout Perspective:

White always seems to hold back on the criticism of Vince McMahon despite McMahon taking shots at the UFC and MMA in general.  Even here, he doesn’t go after Vince and his business unless you consider him calling followers of WWE fans of “male soap operas.”  Certainly, the two organizations will have two competing online services when the WWE Network goes live next month.  This may inhibit subscriptions to the UFC Fight Pass.  So, we may see a little more animosity between the two although White indicated that they were “cool” in the interview.  As for the Mayweather comments, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  White had called Mayweather a racist when he had made some comments about Jeremy Lin during the “Linsanity” era.

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