UFC Fight Night 38 in March heads to Sunday

January 21, 2014

Mike Chiapetta of FoxSports.com reports that UFC Fight Night 38 will be held on Sunday, March 23 instead of Saturday night.  According to Chiappetta, the move to Sundays was not due to a scheduling conflict but a choice by the UFC and Fox.

UFC/Fox “wanted to try a Sunday, the most-watched TV night of the week,” according to the tweet from Chiappetta.  Although there is a motorcross event on FS1 on Saturday, March 22nd, the conflict had nothing to do with the UFC’s choice of nights.

UFC Fight Night 38 features Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson in the main event from Brazil.

Payout Perspective:

Looking ahead, UFC Fight Night on Sunday will be competing with March Madness as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament will be having its third round of games (winners go to the Sweet Sixteen).  Not only that, Sunday is the most-watched night of the week averaging 124.2 million viewers watching television during prime time according to the New York Times.  It’s the night that HBO, Showtime and the networks have its big shows that are destination television for many.  Will Sunday night TV viewers have enough room in their DVRs to schedule another show?  Is Sunday night a good night for the UFC?

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