The Wrestling Post – 08.28.13

August 28, 2013

Welcome to another edition of The Wrestling Post.  This time we take a look at Total Divas ratings, a new philanthropic endeavor by the WWE and the plight of Jesse Sorenson.

Total Divas returns to form

The show that everyone hates but people cannot get enough of E!’s Total Divas did a respectable 1.46 million average viewers despite going up against the much talked about (due to Miley Cyrus) VMA awards.  The VMAs stole the night with an average of 10 million viewers.  Yet, the WWE show about its women wrestlers was up from its previous week when it went up against its own event, WWE Summerslam.

Episode 1:  1.34 million
Episode 2: 1.53 million
Episode 3: 1.67 million
Episode 4: 1.34 million
Episode 5: 1.46 million

Payout Take:  The show has found an audience and despite its corny hijinks, it is doing well for the E! network and the WWE.  Its even provided a storyline for RAW wherein one of the characters (AJ Lee) calls out the show for being stupid since its not “real”.

WWE creates $100K anti-bullying campaign

Wrestling is fake.  But, the WWE’s social conscious initiatives are real.  the WWE has been able to reinvent itself into a global company that is publicly traded.  One of the more impressive things about the organization is the different types of philanthropic endeavors which it aligns itself.  According to a WWE press release, it will offer 4 $25,000 grants to non-profit organizations that develop and implement programs promoting anti-bullying.

Via WWE press release:

“Our mission at WWE is to put smiles on people’s faces and we do that, in part, by supporting programs and initiatives that positively impact children and families around the world,” said Stephanie McMahon, Executive Vice President, Creative, WWE. “We are proud to offer organizations tools and resources to help fight bullying, a critical issue facing young people today in schools, communities and online.”

Payout Take:  This is an admirable program that will foster a lot of good will from people that do not necessarily like professional wrestling.  The WWE’s involvement is good publicity and allows it space into the childhood demographic which will in turn help its other departments (i.e., merchandise, television, etc.).

Ex-TNA wrestler forced to pay medical bills

The story of a professional wrestler having to deal with their own medical bills is not new.  But in the case of Jesse Sorensen, its a public relations hit for TNA.  Sorensen literally broke his neck in the ring during a match in TNA.  The injury caused him temporary paralysis.  News has surfaced (via and The Wrestling Observer) that TNA refused to pay his medical bills. Moreover, he was released by the organization, along with several other wrestlers, as a result of what appears to be an overall cost-cutting measure.  Sorensen claims that TNA head Dixie Carter promised him a job for life within the company.

According to Cageside Seats, Sorensen relied on his mother’s medical insurance (we assume Sorensen was uninsured) to pay for the bills from his broken neck.  It appears that the insurance didn’t cover all bills as his mother filed for bankruptcy due to the overwhelming debt.

Payout Take:  This is another unfortunate example of the perils of the independent contractor.  Sorensen’s story is much more a PR problem considering his public injury and the alleged promises made to him about his bills and his position within the company.  We’ve heard of stories of the WWE stepping up and assisting retired fighters (that worked for the company) with medical care and pay for surgeries and/or rehab.  But, TNA is not the global company that the WWE is and without the funds to help people like Sorensen.  So the problem is the claimed assurances made by TNA that Sorensen would be taken care of after his horrific in-ring accident.  Unfortunately, it appears that Sorensen may need to seek legal help in this matter.

2 Responses to “The Wrestling Post – 08.28.13”

  1. aintitthetruth on August 28th, 2013 4:40 PM

    I have an anti bully program . teach the bullied to punch the bully in the face. Speaking from experience haha. Fighting has solved more than a few of my problems.

  2. aintitthetruth on August 28th, 2013 4:50 PM

    Retired “fighters” huh? thats a strech. seems like the poor guy soreson would be a shoe in for workers comp.

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