UFC helps the environment at UFC on Fuel TV 10

June 8, 2013

The Ultimate Fighter 2 Brazil announced that it is participating in Brazil’s Ceara state government to make the UFC on Fuel TV 10 event 100% carbon neutral.  UFC Fighters Glover Texeira and Demian Maia participated in a ceremonial tree planting ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

UFC on Fuel 10 Event 2

Via UFC press release:

In 2011 the Ceara State Government began a carbon emissions policy under the guidelines of the Ceara Carbono Zero strategy. The strategy emphasizes support to renewable energy investments (specifically solar and wind power), the protection of the biodiversity of the Caatinga (a semi-arid scrub forest situated in the northeast of Brazil), the implementation of the solid waste policy, as well as a set of overall efforts to mitigate and compensate emissions.

The State Government laid out a set of actions aimed to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at important events set to take place in Ceara throughout the next several years, such as the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Confederation Cup and Saturday’s UFC event. The Government will work with the Federal University of Ceará to calculate the carbon emissions stemming from the UFC event.

The State Government’s carbon offset action develops an inventory of all carbon emission from transportation and operation of an event, including travel by the public to the event venue, the calculation of total greenhouse gas emissions – using the United Nations approved Greenhouse Gas Protocol, adjusted to local environmental conditions – and the compensation of emissions through the planting of trees, using native species to protect and preserve the local ecosystem.

“As a global leader in sports, the UFC is thrilled that its event can serve as a platform for bringing awareness and further helping the State Government’s environmentally conscious initiative,” said UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. “With athletes and fans from all over the world, we are proud to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint of UFC’s live event this week in Fortaleza.”

UFC on Fuel 10 Event 1

Payout Perspective:

The UFC’s participation in this local initiative is good PR for the company and helps promote good will.  Utilizing homegrown UFC stars ingratiates itself with the local fan base.  Involving itself with the local effort also shows that the UFC intends to continue its relationship with the area.

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