Xyience signs The Iceman

March 9, 2013

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell has signed an endorsement contract with Xyience.  The one year deal will have the former UFC champ promote the Xyience brand.

Via XYIENCE press release:

Liddell will appear in the brand’s advertising, on its website and in its point-of-purchase materials. Later this year, XYIENCE will launch a series of unique consumer promotions that incorporate Liddell.

“On so many levels, Chuck embodies the spirit of our brand: Power to Win,” says XYIENCE President John Lennon. “His career is a testament of the drive and deep-seeded passion that’s required to produce excellence in athletic performance. That’s the kind of inspiration we want to share with our consumers.”

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the UFC and Michael Levy, XYIENCE COO and CFO explains, “We built the XYIENCE brand in MMA, alongside the UFC. So this year it’s especially meaningful for us to work with an athlete like Chuck Liddell who continues to be a powerful force in the sport. While our distribution has skyrocketed the past few years and we’re a national brand, XYIENCE remains firmly rooted in MMA.”


Payout Perspective:

The deal shows the mainstream appeal of Liddell.  Despite his retirement, he remains one of the most recognizable UFC fighters in the history of the company. Xyience is capitalizing on Liddell’s trademark mohawk and goatee in selling its product to fans.

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  1. Ron on March 11th, 2013 5:59 AM

    Thats a nice way to sell it Jason. One could also argue that this is simply an additional way for Dana to justify paying his friend. Doesn’t Zuffa own Xyience??

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