Media Relations 101 – Nick Diaz

March 16, 2013

Most media and fans think pre-fight press/teleconferences are pretty boring with media asking formulated questions and the fighters answering with formulaic answers.  This goes out the window with Nick Diaz.

Diaz went on a verbal tirade last week at the teleconference at no one and everyone at the same time.  While he expressed disdain for GSP, he also claimed he respected where the champ was at in his career. He also lobbied for change in the sport which would make the sport more entertaining.

Via Wikimedia Commons

Via Wikimedia Commons

At this week’s press conference, Diaz told us who sold “wolf tickets” and inferred that GSP was taking steroids.  Stuff like that could get you sued (ask Floyd Mayweather).

Nick Diaz is a person that has a hard time articulating his opinions but it seems like (most) everyone understands. Diaz is the real Stone Cold Steve Austin from WWE fame.  Yes, Austin was based on real feelings of the man playing the character, but Diaz is real. At both press happenings for this event, he’s brought up the differences in classes; his working class/poverty-stricken background versus GSP’s affluent upbringing.  To be honest, I’m not sure GSP’s childhood can be characterized as affluent.  Yet, it works for Diaz as its not the fuel you put in the tank but how you use it.

Diaz is loyal to his Stockton roots.  He’s proud of where he’s from and revealing how he’s seen his friends shot is a personal tragedy that goes beyond the UFC. Again, it’s what fuels him but not the issue at hand.

As for Diaz’s media relations style, it works.  The controversial comments had many trying to find Diaz’s pressers online.  It would be inadvisable to most athletes to use expletives and infer your opponents use steroids, but that’s him.  For someone to adopt this to get attention would be foolish.

Diaz does his own thing which includes not appearing at mandatory appearances.  Of course its unprofessional but “no-showing” events is something that occurs with professional athletes in other sports.  Diaz is unrefined and genuine and that’s an attribute that makes him popular.  It is also could be the problem.

Diaz is a fighter.  He’s a tortured soul that finds the world always turning its back on him.  But, he uses this to make him successful.  Many people empathize with Diaz’s plight.  His working class roots are seen by many and its one of the reasons why he has so many fans. Also, his “do my own thing” attitude also ingratiates him to many wishing they could do the same to their employer. Its what made Stone Cold such a popular figure in pro wrestling.

Its undeniable that Diaz has gotten under GSP’s skin for the simple fact that he’s pushed GSP over the edge personally.  In the end, if Diaz wins Saturday, his world is going to change and he will be asked (read: forced) to play “the game.” The irony of the situation is that with a win, Diaz’s hard work and dedication to being a martial artist will mean he will become “the man”; which means the money and fame that should come with it.  It would be an interesting next chapter in the life of Diaz.

2 Responses to “Media Relations 101 – Nick Diaz”

  1. Anita Russum on March 16th, 2013 9:35 PM

    I think Nate is not such a ‘tortured soul! He has changed a lot thru the years. And I really think he is going to move to the next chapter now. We have lots of recorded fight to look upon. And he’ll still be around for us to watch and admire.

  2. shawn waters on March 20th, 2013 4:04 PM

    I think that Nick Diaz and the UFC have just pulled a “work”. Dana loves any thing that will produce press…..flying a guy in at midnight?.come on Diaz could have flown in and time of the day and day of the week………it has worked we are all still talking about it

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