UFC Primetime Episode 1 Condit-GSP earns 629K viewers

November 7, 2012

MMA Fighting reports that last Friday’s debut of the UFC Primetime: GSP-Condit Show received an average of 629,000 viewers.  The average according to the article ranges from 540,000 to 560,000 viewers.

It was the first of a three part series which will reintroduce the viewers to GSP as he comes back from a knee injury that left him out of action over 18 months.  The first episode also reminds folks that Carlos Condit is the interim champ and takes a glimpse into his humble family life.

Payout Perspective:

According to the report written by Dave Meltzer first episodes of UFC Primetimes tend to be higher rated than the following episodes.  TUF, which made a return to a 1 million viewer average Friday, was the lead-in for the series.  I’m suspecting that we might see better numbers for this series as one of the company’s top draws, GSP is training for a return to the octagon.  I’m sure many are interested on how he looks and whether he’ll be ready next Saturday.

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