SBJ features HBO’s Hershman and talks HBO-ESPN content sharing

November 26, 2012

In this week’s edition of the Sports Business Journal (subscription required), it published a feature on HBO Sports’ President Ken Hershman. The piece offers a background for the president as well as a glimpse into the direction Hershman sees its boxing programming.

The article details Hershman’s beginnings from working at a law firm to working up the ranks at Showtime to his current position at HBO.

Notably, Hershman indicated that HBO secured a content-sharing agreement with ESPN to air its 24/7 series over ESPN’s networks.  The popular shoulder programming that accompanies most HBO Boxing PPVs expanded to Time Warner’s brethren of networks last.  Additionally, ESPN and ESPN Deportes will have access to HBO Boxing weigh-ins and press conference coverage.

Payout Perspective:

Originally announced in September, the deal with ESPN increases the chance of more casual fans catching a 24/7 than those that may see it on CNN or TNT or TBS.  Last year’s move to have Time Warner Properties show the HBO series was helpful for to promote its PPVs.  But, HBO Boxing’s target demos on Time Warner networks is seasonal (i.e.  TNT and basketball and TBS and baseball).  While promoting fights during NBA on TNT or TBS Baseball would help, without those sports, it would be harder to garner a sports audience.  With ESPN, HBO will get an audience more in its target demos and open to pay $70 for a PPV.

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  1. Weezy02 on November 27th, 2012 3:11 AM

    Very wise move by HBO Sports.

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