UFC Gym heading to Long Island

October 23, 2012

The UFC is setting up shop in New York.  But it’s not what we would like as the UFC is expanding its gym franchise to Long Island.

Via UFC press release:

UFC GYM® Long Island will join a multitude of other businesses in an expansive free-standing building.  Its ‘Train Different’ approach offers an alternative to the traditional workout with a multitude of ways for the entire family to sweat, move and burn different through signature classes and specialized equipment. The club will feature an array of amenities to provide everything needed to ‘Train Different’, including a 32 ft. Octagon, BJJ Studio, Bag Room, top-of-the-line strength training and cardio machines, battling ropes, agility ladders and other functional training equipment for explosive workouts. In addition to expert Personal Trainers to help people of all fitness levels achieve undeniable results, the club space boasts an expansive 2,500 sq. ft. group fitness studio to house a full range of UFC GYM’s signature classes including Hot Hula, Women’s Self Defense, Performance Cycling, and more.

“Every gym that we open just gets better!  Fusing together what is so great about mixed martial arts, with state-of-the art fitness equipment and amenities, clearly makes UFC GYM the most unique training option in the world today,” said Adam Sedlack, senior vice president, UFC Gym.

“What makes our gyms so special is that we bring fitness and community together – when Dad is doing a boxing class, Mom can be taking High Octane Condition, all while the kids are improving their athletic performance,” added Sedlack.  “We have something for everyone, and cannot wait to show our ’Train Different’ approach to the residents of Long Island.

UFC GYM Long Island is set to open for workouts in spring, 2013. Residents and commuters will enjoy easy access at the club’s location in the heavily traveled intersection of Jericho Turnpike and Leonard Boulevard, and within walking distance of two Long Island Rail Road train stops and bus stops. In addition to the club’s training options, UFC GYM Long Island will offer full-service locker rooms, an Arm Bar Café, featuring a tasty assortment of healthy shakes and smoothies and a retail shop. To create a fitness destination for the whole family, the club also offers a UFC Kids GYM, a private kids training area, offering Youth Fitness Classes, Active Fitness Gaming, Youth Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Birthday Parties.

Payout Perspective:

The Long Island location will be the first on the East Coast as the UFC Gym’s have set up in California and Hawaii.  I’m sure that the UFC will try to peg the gym’s opening at about the same time that Sonnen-Jones goes on (around April 27th).  Thus, it can get a groundswell of recognition in the area and perhaps the fight will grab a few more people to sign up for the gym.  With the expansion into the New York area, it acknowledges that the UFC is still dedicated to conquer the Empire State notwithstanding what’s happening in the courtroom or in Albany.

4 Responses to “UFC Gym heading to Long Island”

  1. jose on October 23rd, 2012 1:39 PM

    Very skeptical these UFC gyms will work. Reminds me of when WWE was opening up WWE restaurants and nightclubs.

    UFC is in the business of producing live events, TV shows, and PPVs. Very different from the gym business. The national gym chains don’t make their money from the hard-core crowd. Truth is they make their money from tricking people into signing long term contracts they don’t use.

    If UFC is doing this as a loss-leader, perhaps. Have a couple high profile gyms as a form of advertising. But as a stand alone business I seriously doubt UFC has the skillset to make this successful

  2. Weezy02 on October 23rd, 2012 1:55 PM

    From what I’m told Zuffa has pretty much zero skin in the game with these. Zuffa is pretty much compensated for lending the UFC name to these businesses. The revenue brought into Zuffa is in no way coningent on the operating margin of the gyms. Again, though, that’s just what I was told.

  3. Jason Cruz on October 24th, 2012 10:26 AM


    Interesting. UFC licensing its name for these gyms may be a good move for the company unless these things go belly-up shortly after their opening and/or something negative happens at these gyms which may be poor PR for the UFC brand.

  4. Anthony on October 28th, 2012 6:24 AM

    “Coming soon to New York.” HA! Right—and teachers unions really are “about the kids.”

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