McGee featured on ESPN

August 22, 2012

ESPN told the story of UFC fighter Court McGee in his battle with addictoin.  The Tom Rinaldi piece focused on McGee’s struggles with drugs and alcohol.

While many may have heard his story from his time on The Ultimate Fighter and his subsequent fights in the UFC, the story was dramatized for affect for the ESPN piece.  Entitled, “Dead Man Fighting,” the piece interviews McGee and his family.  Its gripping as McGee’s father talks about giving up on his son as the family kicked McGee out of their house due to his constant drug abuse.  McGee also goes into detail about his overdose in which his heart stopped for 8 minutes.

Payout Perspective:

Overall, good exposure for the UFC although the story focuses mainly on McGee’s fight with addiction.  It’s a dramatic feature about McGee with a positive ending.  The feature shows the backstory of a UFC fighter and dispels negative perceptions the non-UFC fans may have about the people that participate in the sport.

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