Trio of Canadian MMA Promotions Merge to Create Aggression Fighting Championship

April 11, 2012

Three Canadian MMA organizations in Western Canada have merged to create the self proclaimed “single largest MMA organization in Canada”, named Aggression Fighting Championship.

Aggression MMA, Armageddon Fighting Championships, and AX Combat have now pooled their efforts in providing the best shows available to Canadian MMA fans under this new banner, which will now hold between nine and eleven fight events per year, with shows taking place in Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia – with expansion plans slated for the latter half of 2012.

The newly formed AFC will unveil its new branding shortly. Fight fans will get to see the new promotion in action at AFC 8 in Victoria on April 14th, AFC 9 in Edmonton June 8th, and AFC 10 in Calgary on June 15th. More details on these and upcoming events will be released shortly.

“Darren Owen of Armageddon and I have been seriously discussing the idea of merging for some time, and in the process reached out to AX Combat and determined that we had the same goals moving forward. We established that all three brands have similar philosophies of making sure that our fan base gets to see the best up-and-coming domestic and international fighters. So it made sense to offer fans across Canada a national brand, ultimately resulting in AFC,” stated Aggression Co-Founder Moin Mirza.

“This is by far the largest deal in Canadian MMA history, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it,” said Armageddon Co-Founder Darren Owen. “It just makes sense to standardize matchmaking, contracts, logos, and production. Contracted fighters now have the opportunity to fight more frequently than they did before, which we are confident they will be happy about. With Armageddon’s current TV deal, the AFC will readily be available in 70 million homes, and now with increased content and expansion, the sky is the limit for AFC opportunities.”

“When AX was approached with this opportunity, I knew that I had a chance to be involved with something special,” explained AX Combat Co-Founder Steve Fader. “With partners like these, we all bring different strengths to the table and more importantly, this is a group that you can trust – a situation where you don’t need to be looking over your shoulder at all times. The deal makes sense for fans, fighters, and everyone involved, and I can’t wait to see how far the AFC can go.”


Payout Perspective

Mark Pavelich’s Maximum Fighting Championship currently has the title of being Canada’s best and most successful MMA promotion.  Others have come and gone, but the MFC stays standing with it’s steady and conservative style in developing it’s own brand. This merger is very interesting in regards to the Canadian MMA landscape, but we have to see what the newly formed promotion can accomplish.  Getting a TV deal and developing home-grown talent and a home base should be it’s priority at this  stage for them. The MFC currently hasTV deals with Canada’s TSN and America’s HDNet, which will be rebranded to AXS TV in the Summer.


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