Hennessy debuts Pacquiao commercial

April 6, 2012

Manny Pacquiao’s first commercial with sponsor Hennessy was released earlier this week.  The commercial is part of the liquor brand’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign which is said to “redefine what it means to be a luxury brand,” according to Hennessy vice president Rodney Williams.

The commercial features the rise to greatness of Pacquiao from a young man in poverty to a successful boxer to a congressman.

Payout Perspective:

Pacquiao’s deal with Hennessy is for 1 year and $1 million dollars.  While the commercial is confusing at first, it accomplishes its goal of conveying a rags to riches story and is very well done.  What it has to do with the cognac I do not know but its a much better effort than the Pacquiao’s State Street Produce commercial.

One Response to “Hennessy debuts Pacquiao commercial”

  1. Diego on April 9th, 2012 1:21 PM

    Makes me want to go get drunk.

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