Topps introduces “Moment of Truth” trading cards

December 2, 2011

Trading card maker Topps has just released new UFC “Moment of Truth” trading cards. This set includes Strikeforce combatants.

Via Topps:

Each box includes one autographed card, one memorabilia card containing authentic UFC fight used Octagon mat pieces, fight used hand tape, and/or fighter-worn shirts and shorts as well and one card with both autograph and memorabilia piece!

Box sets are on sale at the UFC Store at a price point of $59.99.


Payout Perspective:

Just in time for the holiday stocking stuffer. Topps has been sponsoring fighters for a while now and is selling its product on the UFC Store web site since 2009. The cards have much more detail than when I collected its baseball cards. The trading cards are a good way for a younger demo to get to know UFC fighters. Its also another item that collectors will want.

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