Bones vs. The Rock in ESPN Poll

December 16, 2011

After his win this past Saturday, Jon Jones visited the ESPN campus to do some interviews. In addition, he shot this “informal” video to promote himself in a poll against the WWE’s Dwayne Johnson.ESPN SportsNation conducted the poll for its second annual “The Awesomest Dude of 2011.”


(H/t: MMA Mania)

Payout Perspective:

Its nice to see that the UFC and ESPN are playing nice once again. Its a silly award but Jones played along with it well. Jones is becoming a regular with ESPN and he is getting much more comfortable in front of the camera. With GSP out and the uncertainty of Brock Lesnar’s career, Jones could be the new face of North American MMA (with Anderson Silva being the face for most of South America).

And with the video, we see that the iPad gets some publicity as Jones kicks it but it still works.

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