UFC 134 in Brazil sells out in 74 minutes

June 19, 2011

MMA Junkie reports that UFC 134 in Brazil sold out in 74 minutes. The August 27th event is headlined by local star Anderson Silva facing Yushin Okami.

Via Bloody Elbow:

Dana (White) stated earlier in the week at the UFC 134 press conference that 16,752 tickets would be available for the event, with prices ranging from R275 (170 USD) to R1600 (1000 USD). So it looks like Zuffa will make a pretty penny on the Rio gate.

Payout Perspective:

The sell out shows the impact the UFC has when it comes to new markets. But more specific to Brazil, it capitalizes on the deep tradition it has in the martial arts, especially jiu jitsu. The many popular Brazilian fighters on the card made it a guaranteed sell out. With the World Cup and Olympics coming to the country in the near future, its a market that is ripe for the UFC.

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