Clothing brands raise funds for Japan

April 12, 2011

Tokyo Five clothing brand announced efforts to raise funds for the emergency relief efforts in Japan.

In addition, VXRSI and are offering t-shirts with proceeds going to help Japan.

Via Tokyo Five press release:

NEW YORK, NY, April 12, 2011 (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – Contributing to the emergency relief effort in Japan, Tokyo Five brand will begin raising funds for GlobalGiving through the sale of their ‘Japan Endure Tee.’

Available for purchase starting April 12, 2011, the Japan Endure tee will retail for $20 exclusively through Tokyo Five’s website.  All proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

More than one month after the tragic Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, this effort seeks not only to raise funds but keep a spotlight on a region still in need. GlobalGiving’s vast network of charities with creative ideas allows Tokyo Five to aid projects that might never be funded through traditional structures. This is Tokyo Five’s first step in a long commitment to a country that continues to give the brand endless inspiration.

To purchase the Japan Endure t-shirt, please visit:

To donate directly and learn more, please visit:

In addition, VXRSI and have combine to offer its own t-shirt with 100% of the profits going to Save the Children.

Via MiddleEasy:

An estimated 100,000 children have been displaced after Japan’s colossal earthquake that rocked the entire country, forever. In fact, according to The Guardian, about 25% of the 1,200 people sleeping on cardboard mats at one shelter in Sendai are children, many of them with disabilities. Some of these children have been separated from their family for up to a week and with lack of proper nutrition and societal instability, their lives may be permanently scarred with psychological trauma. With our new Save Japan! shirt, we’re doing our best to raise enough money to provide children with the proper counseling and therapy in order to recover from the trauma of what they have experienced.

Payout Perspective:

This is a nice gesture from the MMA community to raise funds for the disaster in Japan. At Saturday’s Strikeforce event, there were signs offering their support to Japan. Not only is the move good from a public relations standpoint, it shows concern for the global community. We saw similar efforts with mudslides in Brazil earlier this year. With the sport being popular in Japan and Brazil, its nice that businesses are making efforts to give back.

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