Analyzing Dana White’s Recent Video Blog, Interview, & Executive Iceman Promo

April 28, 2011

The promotion for UFC 129 has been in full force over the past couple of weeks, which means tons of interviews and PR work for Zuffa’s staff.  Dana White released his latest Vlog and gave an insightful interview for with Karyn Bryant.


Payout Perspective:

White’s Vlog was interesting to see in terms of how much his vlogs have changed from the days that he would attack promotions, MMA media, and pretty much let anything go off the top of the head.  Since then, Zuffa pays close attention tot he details now with any sort of media that reaches it’s fanbase and detractors.  In this video, we are presented with a very calm and relaxed Dana who is just strolling around the Zuffa offices playing practical jokes and giving us some insight into how the company works.
Along with interviews and Vlogs, the UFC has also just released a video ” Mr. Liddell: Executive Iceman” that goes along with these vibe they are painting to their audience. You can expect more of these videos from the UFC brass as they try to portray the UFC as a fun and laid-back brand to appeal to the casuals instead of the bloody cage-fighter image painted on to the sport from it’s early days.

We also get to see what White’s reaction was watching the Strikeforce event in San Diego back in April, where he keeps pushing the message that it was a great event and that he is a Strikeforce fan and enjoyed the show.  It was apparent that Dana had a worried look when Daley knocked down Nick Diaz, but was emotional and enthusiastic when Diaz was able to finish off Daley, who had been kicked out of the UFC for sucker-punching Josh Koscheck after their bout.

When Karyn Bryant asks about a UFC Channel, White quickly shy’s away and says that it’s not easy to get your own channel, though brings ups the fact that in a Business Journal article, UFC was the most popular property chosen to have enough content and demand to start one.

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  1. mike on April 29th, 2011 2:54 PM

    My take away from this was how many fighters on the card were not wearing MMA gear to this press conference. Randy still promoting Affliction and Jake Shields some random throwup shirt, Throwdown maybe? You would not have seen that a year or two ago.

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