Fedor Headlines EA MMA Game

July 29, 2009

In what may be the highest profile signing so far, Fedor Emilianenko announced during his conference call today that he would be signing with the EA MMA game to be released in 2010. Aslo included in the announcement were the official inclusion of Gegard Mousasi and Renato Babalu Sobral. Emilianenko will join other notables such as Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia, tim Kennedy, Benji Radach, Frank Shamrock, and “King” Mo Lawal.

It is not known at this time what impact Fedor’s signing will have on a possible deal to get the Russian star inside the Octagon. The UFC has previously indicated that anyone signing on with the EA game will be blackballed from the UFC. If all other issues are cleared between the two parties, it would be a bit hard to believe this would be the stumbling block that would derail a deal. Such statements of bravado make for good copy, but crow will be happily consumed over such talk if the UFC are able to sign the one MMA star that has eluded their grasp. The UFC and Fedor’s management are currently in talks, with conflicting reports flying about on the possibility of the Fedor’s signing. As we have stated earlier, even if a deal gets done the chances of an imminent announcement, if at all, are not good.

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