WCF 7 Play by Play and Results

June 28, 2009

World Championship Fighting 7

Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts

Notables in attendance are UFC vets Jorge Rivera, John Howard, and Sean Gannon. Kevin James from the King of Queens was also there, mobbed most of the time by fans looking for a photo.

Dan O’Keefe (MMAT Center) vs. Saul Almieda (Rivera MMA/Dragon Lair)

145 Lbs.

Round 1- Both come out hot exchanging hard punches. Saul lands a high body kick and pulls guard with a guillotine attempt. He transfer onto his knees, where O’Keefe leaves his head exposed. Almeida then attempts a modified Peruvian neck tie, by using his legs and arms to go for the choke, After struggling for a while, O’Keefe finally taps.

Saul Almeida def. Dan O’Keefe by submission 1:16 Round 1

John Walsh vs. Marcos Escalante (BMAC)

170 Lbs.

Round 1- Marcos shoots in but gets caught with a hard knee to the chin. After wrestling on the ground they end back up on their feet. Walsh pulls guard and goes for a guillotine, but loses it quickly. The referee pauses the fight due to a cut on Walsh’s face, in the middle of his forehead. After a minute, they restart in the middle of the ring with Walsh on his back. He goes for a triangle choke, and locks it in. Marcos keeps his posture high, not allowing the air to completely be cut off. Walsh keeps the move in for awhile, but never getting it cinched in. Eventually, Escalante breaks the hold and stands up.Walsh lands a solid right hook, but is immediately taken down. Marcos throws several hard knees to the body in side control, and opens up the cut a little more as the round ends.

Round 2- Standing in the center of the ring, Marcos gets an easy single leg takedown and goes into guard. John looks to pull another triangle, but Marcos counters to side control. He then moves to mount easily. Josh tries to battle it off, but then gives up his back and is flattened out. Marcos then goes for the rear naked choke, and the fight is over.

Marcos Escalante def. John Walsh by submission 1:24 Round 2

Steve Beck vs. Noah Wiseman (BJJ Revolution)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- They immediately go to the clinch, Noah lands a series of strong knees and punches. The battle moves into the corner, still going for position. Continuing to clinch, they move to the center of the ring, where Noah takes it to the ground. Wiseman quickly goes to take Beck’s back and looks for a rear naked choke. At first, the choke is on the chin, and isn’t tight. Noah then readjusts it, and Beck is forced to tapout.

Noah Wiseman def. Steve Beck by submission 1:50 Round 1

Nelson Gaipo (Rivera MMA/Dragon Lair) vs. Ryan White (SSSF)

Round 1- They meet in the center and clinch. Both fighters exchange knees to the body. Gaipo gets in a rhythm and lands a few in a row, eventually dropped White. Ryan White lays on his stomach, and takes several hard punches by Gaipo and the referee stops it.

Nelson Gaipo def. Ryan White by TKO 1:31 Round 1

Jeff Silva (Premier Fight Team) vs. Zack Burhans (Bombsquad)

135 Lbs.

Round 1- Zack lands a left kick to the body to start the fight. Next, the two feel each other out for a while until Burhans hits an accidental groin kick to Silva. After a quick break, Silva charges in but gets nowhere. Standing up, Jeff kicks in but is caught, and Burhans lands a shot that drops him. Zack hovers over him while Silva looks for a leg lock. Burhans lands a strong right to the head and goes to half guard. Silva pulls into full guad, but Zack lands a few more shots as the round ends.

Round 2- Both take the center, with Silva missing with a head kick. He follows it up with a lunging haymaker that misses as well. Burhans gets a takedown and Silva looks fatigues, but has his right arm trapped. Zack breaks guard and lands a couple shots to the top of the head, then stands up. Silva goes for another leg lock, and then pulls Burhans back into guard. The referee stands them up with little time remaining in the fight. Burhans secures another takedown after Silva misses on a home run punch.

Zack Burhans def. Jeff Silva by Unan. Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Aaron Petrucelli (Mass BJJ) vs. Aniss Alhajjajy (BTT)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- They touch gloves to start and move around the center of the ring. Aniss hits a left inside leg kick, and they begin to clinch against the ropes. Petrucelli goes for a flying triangle but misses. Aaron stands back up and lands a knee to the body while working the clinch. Alhajjajy returns the favor with a knee to the head. Aaron looks for a takedown, both fighters scramble on the ground until they get back to their feet separated. Aniss hits a kick combo to the leg and body. Back inside the clinch, Aniss knees him to the body. Now on the ground with Alhajjajy on top, he gets reversed by Petrucelli and is now on his back. Aaron stands and misses a punch as the horn sounds.

Round 2- The two exchange kicks. Aniss goes for a flying kick a la Jose Aldo but misses. Now back in the clinch with no damage being made. They break, with Alhajjajy goes for a left head kick that is blocked by Aaron. Petrucelli can’t get a trip takedown, as the ropes keep his opponent upright. Once again in the clinch, they trade punches and knees. Petrucelli now has a cut above his right eye. Aniss takes the fight down, and Petrucelli’s attempt to get up to stumped. The fight ends with Petrucelli on his knees, and Alhajjajy holding position on top.

Aniss Alhajjajy def. Aason Petrucelli by Maj. Decision (20-19, 20-19, 19-19)

Nick Evangelous (Fenix Fight Club) vs. Matt McKusker (Champions)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Evangelous misses a hard right hand to start while McKusker gets his jab to work. Nick gets a takedown next to the ropes in open guard. Matt works a keylock but loses it. Evangelous postures up and starts throwing bombs in the corner. Nick then moves to half guard with his posture up. He then starts throwing continuous left hooks, and the fight is stopped.

Nick Evangelous def. Matt McKusker by TKO Round 1

Featured Bouts

Travis Bartlett (Irish) vs. Guillermo Echuaca (Zulu)

205 Lbs.

Round 1- Echuaca waits for Bartlett in the ring doing a split on the canvas. The crowd is heavily behind Bartlett, from Team Irish. They begin in the center with Bartlett throwing hard shots from odd angles. Echuaca keeps the center of the ring, and throws a kick that lands in Bartlett’s groin. After a short break, they touch gloves, with Travis connecting on a overhead left to the chin. Echuaca throws a kick to the body, but it is caught, and thrown down. In a throwing exchange, Guillermo accidentally lands a finger in the eye of Bartlett, and the fight is paused for Travis to recover. The referee allows him five minutes to recover, as he attempts to get his vision back. Looking up at the lights, the crowd becomes restless and boos the lack of action. The referee reassures Echuaca that it was accidental, but to stay clean. He then brings the doctor to check the right eye, and action begins. Bartlett begins with a left kick to the body, then the leg. Both exchange punches, but Bartlett stays in the pocket. He continues to throw, and drops Guillermo with a left hook. He jumps immediately and finishes the fight.

Travis Bartlett def. Guillermo Echuaca by TKO 2:28 Round 1.

Tom Moreau (Valor) vs. Don Carlo-Clauss (Bombsquad)

170 Lbs.

Round 1- Moreau takes the center of the ring, but Carlo-Clauss lands the first jab of the fight. After a quick exchange with both fighters getting hit, they clinch in Moreau’s corner. Don knees Tom in the thigh several times, but neither fighter is advancing position. Moreau lands a few innocent punches to Carlo-Clauss’ back. Despite being in the corner, Moreau is landing more offense with Don maintains his position. Moving out of the corner, Carlo-Clauss grabs a hold of Moreau’s leg. Tom attempts a standing guillotine, but his opponent falls through the ropes. Now standing, both throw wildly from the pocket, but not much landing on either end. With 10 seconds left, Carlo-Clauss shoots for a takedown and gets it as the round expires.

Round 2- In between rounds, Moreau stands up but shakes his hand out. Carlo-Clauss sits, and appears to be winded. Don lands a left leg kick, but Tom maintains the center of the ring. Carlo-Clauss is now bleeding from his nose, and takes another punch to the chin. Moreau charges in, but Carlo-Clauss grabs him and looks for a takedown. Moreau lands on his back with full guard. Don tries to advance position, but takes a few punches and bleeds more. He stands up, jumps back into full guard, but not making much headway. Moreau flips the script and is on top. He goes for a submission, but loses it quickly and ends up on his back. Carlo-Clauss stands up and kicks Moreau to the body as the round ends.

Tom Moreau def. Don Carlo-Clauss by Maj. Decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18)

Greg Rebello (Sit Yod Tong) vs. Jerry Spiegel

190 Lbs.

Round 1- Rebello gets a huge pop by walking out to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. Spiegel takes the center, and they exchange hard leg kicks. Rebello keeps moving around the ropes, but neither fighter is enforcing their will. Spiegel throws a head kick that misses, Rebello grabs under hooks and takes the fight into a neutral corner. Greg lands a stiff knee to the ribs of Spiegel. Rebello eventually gets a takedown, but Jerry is still sitting up. The fighters talk to each other as they fight for position. Rebello hits a few right hands and he ends up in Spiegel’s closed guard. Still in the same corner, Jerry does a nice job controlling the movement of Rebello, who still throws punches to the body. Spiegel pops up to his knees, and they battle for position as the round ends.

Round 2- Spiegel once again takes the center of the ring, but both fighters come out swinging hard. Rebello charges in for a takedown in Spiegel’s corner, but can’t fully get him down. Now in side control, Jerry has a hold of Greg’s head, but there is no danger. Rebello sits through in side position now, and rains down several hard right hands. They Spiegel regains full guard, but Rebello continues his assault from above. Jerry looks to reverse the position, but gives up half guard now with Rebello still landing the same shots. Moving to side control again, Spiegel looks to get out by moving to his knees, but Rebello has a hold of his head. Keeping a firm grip, Rebello sends him back down into half guard. Speigel stands up as the round ends.

Greg Rebello def. Jerry Spiegel by Unan. Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Scott Rehm (Pro Elite/Florian MMA) vs. Elias Rivera (Dog Pound)

185 Lbs.

Round 1- Rehm gets a loud cheer for being local. They stand in the center and dance, waiting to make the first move. Rivera throws a leg kick, then backs away. Rehm returns the favor, but Elias catches the leg and connects on an over the top right. Rehm backs away, and throws a right, but Rivera counters with a series of shots. The fight moves to the ground, with Rivera going for a heel hook. Scott makes his way out, as the two scramble along the ground, with Rehm hitting a hammerfist to Rivera’s chin. As they scramble, Rivera grabs ahold of Rehm’s leg and goes for a reverse heel hook. Rehm can’t get out this one, and taps out.

Elias Rivera def. Scott Rehm by submission 2:43 Round 1

John Benoit (Renzo Gracie NH) vs. Damien Trites (Wai-Kru)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Both local fighters receive warm reactions. They touch gloves, and move around the ring until Trites lands a strong leg to the left knee of Benoit. Trites charges in with a barrage of punches that miss, but cause John to fall out through the ropes. Back standing in the center of the ring, Benoit’s leg kick is caught, and Damien knocks him down with a right cross. Trites then follows it up with another kick to the left knee. Benoit reciprocates with the same offense. Benoit is on the defense, but lands a nice counter punch that briefly rocks Trites. Damien has blood showing from under her nose, as Benoit begins to take control. Benoit lands an overhead right, followed up by a kick to the leg. John stays in the center. Damien looks for a takedown, but John goes for a guillotine, but falls through the ropes again. Restarting in the center, Benoit stops a takedown attempt from Tries, and ends the round with one of his own.

Round 2- Benoit begins the action with another strong leg kick. Trites charges in, but gets in no damage. John is connected successfully on many leg kicks, which are starting to take effect on Damien’s mobility. Benoit now uses his jab, but Trites shoots in for a takedown to no avail. Trities loads up for a superman punch but misses over John’s head, Damien goes for a takedown, but John stops it. Still grappling, Trites slams Benoit down hard. Trites is on top, but Benoit is the one dictating action as he attempts a keylock. Trites punches John in the body, and breaks the hold, ending up in half guard. John counters to his knees, and eventually ends up in Damien’s guard

Very action packed fight, the most exciting thus far.

John Benoit def. Damien Trites by Maj Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19)

Rodrigo Almeida (BMAC) vs. Calvin Kattar (Premier Fight Team)

155 Lbs.

Round 1- Receiving one of the louder pops of the evening, Kattar walked out to Hulk Hogan’s “I am a real American.” Almeida takes the center, and take roughly 30 seconds to feel each other out. Rodrigo shoots in for a takedown, but Kattar does a nice job sprawling out as they continue to clinch near the ropes. Eventually, Kattar takes Almeida down ending up in mount. Kattar isn’t landing much offense, and is holding onto his position. Almeida gets the fight back up, and immediately goes for another unsuccessful takedown. Clinched in the corner, Rodrigo lands a knee to the body. Kattar grabs his opponent’s head, and jumps into a tight guillotine. Now on the ground with the choke in, there’s no where for Almeida to go, and the fight is over.
Calvin Kattar def. Rodrigo Almeida by submission 2:16 Round 1

Dan Keefe (Brickhouse) vs. Woody Weatherby (Renzo Gracie NH)

185 Lbs.

Round 1- Meeting in the center, Keefe connects on a few stiff jabs and a leg kick to start. Now clinching in the corner, Weatherby is up against the ropes preventing a trip takedown. The fighters move from one of the ring to another, until Keefe trips Woody down and lands in side control. Keefe is landing a few right elbows to the forehead of his opponent. Weatherby gets to his feet quickly and they stand toe to toe. Weatherby throws out a jab, and they clinch. Woody connects on back to back knees to the ribs of Keefe. Still in the clinch, Keefe has his opponent against the ropes once again. Weatherby looks towards a hip toss, but the two separate. Keefe counters with a solid jab, but Weatherby follows it with a combination that shakes The Ghost. At the end of the round, Weatherby charges in with a kick, and punch that lands just after the horn.

Round 2- In between rounds, the doctor is advised to a cut over the left eye of Keefe. Starting the round, Keefe gets a takedown, ending up in half guard. Keefe isn’t punching, but looking to advance his position, but ends up in Weatherby’s rubber guard. Controlling Keefe’s movements, neither fight is getting in any shots. In the corner, Keefe finally breaks out and begins to rain down some shots. The referee has they stand up again. Both fighters are more aggressive, landing punches. Keefe jumps into a takedown, landing in Weatherby’s guard in the corner. Moving to half guard, Keefe hits his opponent with a strong right and left before Woody closes up guard. Weatherby attempts a triangle choke in the center of the ring, but Keefe postures up to break the hold. The round ends with Keefe in side control, landing knees and then jumping up.

Round 3- There was a majority draw after the first two rounds. Woody misses a right jab, and receives an inside leg kick from Keefe. Keefe throws another kick to the legs, and then both exchange some punches. Keefe ducks under one, and secures a takedown ending up in guard. Keefe is locked up, but throwing elbows from his position. Keefe postures up landing a few hammer fists. In the closing seconds, Weatherby goes for an arm bar but the horn sounds before any damage is made.

Dan Keefe def. Woody Weatherby by Unan. Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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