Shine Fight Promotions Hits Miami, Florida on August 1, 2009

June 29, 2009


Roan Carneiro vs. Jorge Patino

Ryan Healy vs. Luiz Buscape

Flavio Alvaro vs. Jean Silva

Carlo Prater vs. Milton Vieira

Junior Assuncao vs. Jadyson Costa

Anthony Morrison vs. Micah Miller

Venessa Porto vs. Ediene Gomes

Live From The James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida on August 1, 2009

MIAMI, FL (USA) – Shine Fight Promotions (Shine Fights) announces a change in the line-up for Shine 2: American Top Team vs. The World. Replacing Bellator veteran, David Branch versus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace, Fabiano Capoani is now Miami, Florida native, Herbert “Whispers the Gorilla” Goodman. With the remaining bouts including UFC/PRIDE, Jungle Fight (Brazil) & WEC vets: Micah Miller, Junior Assuncao, Carlo Prater, Ryan Healy, Luiz Buscape, Venessa Porto, Anthony Morrison, Ediene Gomes and the main event, Jorge Patino and Roan Carneiro, Shine 2 will be one this the most stacked cards of world-class athletes to ever hit Florida.

Adding to an already stacked card is Herbert “Whispers the Gorilla” Goodman, who trains out of the world-renown gym, The H.I.T. Squad (Hughes Intensive Training) owned by former UFC Welterweight champion, Matt Hughes. This Homestead, Florida native made his first foray into professional athletics when he played the running back position for the Green Bay Packers from 1999-2003. His next stop was the Indianapolis Colts for the entire 2004 and finally his career ended with the Cincinnati Bengals at the end of 2005. Once the football dream was over another opportunity unexpectedly appeared.

“Actually after ’05 I got cut by the Bengals and I went to Southwest Senior high where I taught for two years and then I went and watched one of my friends fight and I said, ‘man I could of whooped both of you guys,’ he was like yeah whatever (laughs). I told him when they stopped his fight that I knew when the next one is at so I figured if I trained for two weeks, you know, I knocked my dude out in 27 seconds and after that I pretty much became hooked.”

Starting his professional mixed martial arts career in 2007, Goodman won his first two fights without seeing the second round by submission and TKO, respectively. After a few losses he went on a four fight win streak before a controversial decision win followed by a recent string of losses. Now ready to get back in the winner’s circle, Goodman is ready to step in the Shine cage against Fabiano Capoani, a member of Florida’s renowned gym, The American Top Team.

“I give credit to Shine for inviting me into the organization. Fabiano is a jiu-jitsu guy, I’ve seen one film on him when he fought Hector Lombard (May 2008) but I don’t know much about him. I don’t run from anybody I’ll fight anybody; just give me enough time to get in shape and I’ll fight anybody. I’m just looking for the opportunities and I’m sure I’ll come out victorious. “

With his entire family, friends and supporters guaranteed to be in attendance the night of August 1st 2009 when his official homecoming occurs at The James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, Florida. The man known as Whispers is ecstatic for the possibilities.

“I’m excited that my family and my friends get a chance to watch me. My whole family: my mom, my aunties, my sisters, my grandparents, everybody. It’s like 25 minutes from where I stay and I already told my friends and family that I’m coming down there and everybody is pretty much excited spreading the word that I’m coming home to fight. I always get a chance to tell people about the fights, whether I win or lose, but now they get the opportunity to see first-hand.”

About Shine Fight Promotions, LLC

Shine Fight Promotions, LLC is a U.S. based enterprise that seeks to raise the awareness of the art, discipline, respect, passion, and talent that is mixed martial arts (MMA) to the global marketplace. Founded by MMA Fighter/Thai Boxer, Dorian Price along with his brother, Devin Price, Shine is committed to the growth and development of MMA creating a positive experience for both fighters and fans. Shine works diligently to put on fights that fighter’s want and that fans want to watch by arranging the most competitive and interesting matches. Shine Fight Promotions seeks to grow through innovation, high production values, dramatic and engaging fights, and the promotion of authentic MMA.

About Shine 2: American Top Team vs. The World

As the second event of Shine Fight Promotions, American Top Team vs. The World is appropriately named for the multitude of talent from Florida’s largest mixed martial arts gym. Shine Fight Promotions matchmakers, Ron Foster and Dorian Price, both fighters themselves, are committed to scouring the globe to pit only the best fighters against one another. The Shine 2 card has been filled with fighters from the best training camps and MMA gyms from across the world including: Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture MMA (Las Vegas), Matt Hughes’ H.I.T. Squad (Granite City IL), American Top Team (Coconut Creek FL), Renzo Gracie Academy (New York, NY), Hybrid Academy (Virginia Beach VA), The MMA Institute (Richmond VA), Buckeye MMA (Columbus OH), Strong Style MMA (Cleveland OH) and The 808 Fight Factory (Honolulu HI).

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