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June 26, 2009

MMA fans love to show off their acceptance of and affiliation to the lifestyle by sporting a vast array of MMA gear. Fortunately for all the MMA apparel addicts, Jay Tillery with had the foresight to develop a blog dedicated to the Mixed Martial Arts gear enthusiasts. Whether a fan or apparel business, Gymtops is a go to site for the latest news and trends in the apparel business.

was launched with a two pronged focus. The mission statement for Gymtops, Jay said, “For the MMA Apparel fan, we hope we are able to keep the MMA gear enthusiast informed of cool products within their lifestyle without having to have a million sites bookmarked.” “For MMA businesses, We try to provide a platform that will allow apparel companies to promote their gear to a wider audience and keep their customers informed of the latest and greatest news on gear.”

Launched in August of 2007 by Jay Tillery, was born from a love of combat sports and a bit of curiosity. Tillery was watching UFC/K1 and noticed the fighters entering the ring/cage with different tee-shirts and shorts. This was just a first step, as Jay puts it, “Then I started to notice the brands and got curious to find out the meaning behind each and how deep MMA merchandising was…and it was very deep. I found a bunch of brands from around the world and thought it [a blog] would be an excellent resource for curious minds like mine.” offers up a ton of great information. Gymtops gives you the newest and best in MMA apparel but also often the story behind the brands. Maybe you know the brand VAS, Victory Amongst Soldiers, but you probably didn’t know that it is a division of VASYLI International, an Australian company that’s been pumping out high-quality foot care and footwear products for over 25 years. Were you aware that Contract Killer was the brainchild of pro paint-baller John Marques and designer Chris Corcino? These are just some of the interesting back stories you get on the merchandise featured on gymtops. covers all the big players in the MMA apparel game but is also keen to keep an eye on all of the nascent labels that are bubbling up in the mma apparel market. Jay stated “The sport is already growing at an alarming rate. We get so many emails about new products from apparel companies we never heard of, and some of the things locals are doing for the sport is insane.” Gymtops provides a spotlight for these future players on the MMA business landscape.

The site also offers multiple contest giveaways to its’ rabid readers. Kimurawear, Triumph United, and Silver Star are among the brands that have recently participated in these contests. try to do giveaways before each major UFC event, with one always around the corner. “We will have some pretty cool contests in the future. Stay tuned,” said Tillery.

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