UFC Hvywt Carwin Offers Custom Pendant

May 3, 2009

With the UFC cutting their own deal with Skeletal Metal, others in the MMA field are making their own moves into the jewelry market aimed at MMA fans. UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin recently signed on with NightRider Jewlery to offer a specially designed pendant for MMA fans, which you can view below:


This is the signature piece of UFC Heavyweight contender Shane Carwin. A special thanks to him for producing the inspiration for this awesome piece.

The cross wrapped with celtic knots hangs seperately from the dogtag underneath. With the cross flipped up you can read the scripture engraved into the dogtag. The scripture reads:

“I will be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified or discouraged; for the lord my god is with me wherever I go.
Joshua 1:9

Some of the items from Skeletal Metal and NightRider are more high end focused, but there is a portion of the MMA fanbase that can bear that market. MMA fans often don’t blink at $50 to $75 t-shirts and $200 jeans from Affliction that are marketed so successfully in their direction, so these jewelry offerings should be able to find a niche in the market.

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