UFC Eyes Indianapolis for 2010, Chicago A No Go for 09

May 28, 2009

The Times of NorthWest Indiana recently spoke with UFC Veep Marc Ratner and got some news on the chances of the UFC revisiting Chicao this year as well as whether the UFC would hit Indianapolis soon:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will not return to Chicago in 2009 according to Marc Ratner, the UFC’s vice president of regulatory affairs, but it may be coming to Indianapolis in 2010.

“Our schedule is pretty well done for this year,” Ratner said, saying Chicago is not on the promotion’s calendar for 2009. “But yeah — we’d like to go back to Chicago. It’s a great, great market. Maybe to the United Center this time. But we’re also looking at cities like Memphis, (and) we’re going to go to Portland (for UFC 102) at the end of August. We’re very ambitious.”

Ratner said the Midwest has been a market that has worked for the UFC. In the last three years, the world’s largest MMA promotion has put on events in Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minneapolis and Nashville in an attempt to go into as many new markets as possible.

Ratner mentions that the possible card for Conseco Field house would be either a PPV card or a Fight Night for Spike. The gate for an Indy PPV show would somewhere in the neighborhood of what they did for UFC 87 in Minneapolis, which did $2.2 million at the gate, or UFC 90 in Chicago, which did a $2.8 million gate. I’d lean towards the lower figure.

The economic impact for the city would be somewhere in the $5 million range according to Ratner.

Indiana has just recently placed MMA competition under the state athletic commision, paving the way for a possible card by the UFC.

Ratner also notes in the piece that he will be in New York next week to testify for passage of MMA legislation for that state.

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