UFC 2009: Undisputed A Solid Hit, Industry Analyst Concludes

May 22, 2009

Videogame chronicler Gamasutra reports the strong performance of the UFC video game UFC 2009: Undisputed, coming at the same time other THQ games are either showing weak signs or are far from a release date. Gamasutra spoke with industry analyst Doug Creutz of The Cowen Group to get his view of the UFC game and what it means in the context of THQ’s big picture:

Creutz says that UFC 2009: Undisputed, which released May 19, is likely to be a “solid hit” for THQ, on the other hand — it’s currently the number one seller for the Xbox 360 and the number two seller for the PlayStation 3 on Amazon and GameStop.

“Our initial read on the title gives us confidence that it is on track to meet and possibly exceed our 1MM first-year US unit estimate, though we don’t expect a blowout of our estimate (which we would quantify as more than 1.5MM first-year US units),” says Creutz.

But possible poor performance for Red Faction: Guerilla could weigh down UFC’s upside — and THQ’s next big new IP title, Darksiders, has no official release date, and little is known about it.

THQ would seem to have little margin for error with their reformulated strategy of focusing on fewer, bigger titles. The Red Guerrilla game is due to market any day now and has shown little pre-sale buzz intimating that it will be another big hit, which THQ needs at this point. While tangentially MMA-centirc, this situation should be something to monitor as to whether the UFC’s franchise will continue THQ or leave the company after it’s contract expires (or possibly sooner).

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