Time Warner Possibly Dropping MMA-friendly HDNet

May 18, 2009

Time Warner and HDNet have reached an impasse in coming to terms on a new carriage agreement and the result is the possible dropping of the high definition channel effective May 31st. The drop would affect the more than 1 million HDNet subscribers through TW nationwide. This would be a sizable chunk of the 15 million subscriber base for HDNet.

HDNet Co-founder Mark Cuban spoke with MMA Fanhouse and held out hope for a resolution:

“We are still in discussions,” Cuban said via e-mail. “The best thing fans can do is call their local Time Warner general manager and tell them that. They love HDNet and would be upset if its taken off.”

HDNet has been at the forefront of fostering regional MMA promotions as well as providing an outlet for such Japanese promotions as Dream and Sengoku, as well as being the first widespread vehicle in the US for complete K-1 cards. Combat sports fans who subscribe to HDNet via Time Warner will be left the poorer if proposed deletion comes to fruition.

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