Fight Biz Quote: Bob Reilly

May 7, 2009

“I’m a very strong union supporter. I don’t know UNITE HERE, and the people in Vegas certainly haven’t come here and given me campaign contributions. It tells me here’s a tactic of ultimate fighting which tells you how they operate.”

NY Assemblyman Bob Reilly, trying to deny he knows Unite Here and rejecting the idea there are links between his receiving money from Unite Here and his opposition to MMA legislation, to USA Today. keeps a record of the political donations of all stripes and they have it clearly documented the money trail form Unite Here to Mr. Reilly. Reilly received $1500 in 2004, $4000 in 2006, with no indication of a donation in 08. This is just documented donations and wouldn’t include union acts in kind like get out the vote campaigns, etc. Saying he doesn’t know a union that donated to his campaign on two separate occasions is a bit disingenuous.

Reilly then states “the people in Vegas certainly haven’t come here and given me campaign contributions.” These monies are from the state and local fund from the national organization. The Vegas branch of Unite Here dominates the union and is the major power broker and a major funding source in doling out monies to those at the national level. Mr. Reilly was very deft in his wording but he isn’t being intellectually honest.

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