April 29, 2009

Behind the Grind brings you into the world of Shine Fights making its debut with “Genesis” in Columbus, Ohio May 9th in the Celeste Center at the Ohio Expo Center.


by Rhett Butler

Guerrilla Warfare?

You have to hit the streets and touch the people to continue the impact in a market and Shine understands this. So what do they do? Get guerrilla with it and promote! Guerrilla warfare is the term for asymmetrical marketing, reaching the end customer by non-traditional means. After placing an order for additional marketing materials the Shine team distributed 10,000 4×6 flyers and over 200 posters in the central Ohio market. This surely reinforces the show in the minds of the Ohioan.

In addition, Shine placed an order for banners to be displayed outside popular bar and nightclubs in the Arena District of Columbus, OH. If you know Columbus then you understand the value of this hot spot region of the city. Also, appearances for some of the local fighters on the card were arranged at different bars and restaurants throughout the Columbus area where people can see and touch their favorite hometown heroes. It’s hard being a fighter but hey the public is a waiting. Pressing the flesh and doing meet and greets with the public personalize the experience and inspire increased participation.

Radio Revives The Video Star

Don’t believe the hype, radio still matters folks. Yes TV makes one more legitimate but radio touches people on a totally other cerebral level. The best marketing efforts are able to find the proper mix between radio and TV to maximize turnout for your event. In the case of radio, Morning and Afternoon drive time are still listened to widely and Shine understands how to tap into this.

Main event fighter, Antwain Britt served the public by doing a radio interview with Q96 FM in Columbus, OH. In addition, tickets were given away on Q96 as well. Recently, the Shine commercials ran on Power 107.5 FM while Marketing worked on arranging interviews and ticket giveaways for the station.

Next Issue: The Importance of Digital Outreach, Star Power and Inter-company Communication

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