XFC, Prisco On The Rise

March 30, 2009

Gulf Coast Business Review takes a look at the burgeoning XFC promotion and it’s leader Tampa entrepreneur John Prisco. Prisco looks to leverage his MMA gyms and TV packages to build up a viable network that not necessarily competes with an industry heavyweight like the UFC , but offers an alternative:

The product is multifaceted. There are the fighting shows, 11 to 12 matches of two barefooted men with small padded gloves battling in a caged mixed martial arts contest — boxing, kicking, wrestling, taking each other down to win points. Prisco has done nine so far in the Southeast, including three shows in Tampa.

XFC also makes money from franchising its XFC training gyms in Tampa and Brandon, which also sell its branded merchandise. And it makes money from its broadcast partners, who pay to get the fighting shows that XFC films.

XFC says it enjoys an advantage over its rivals because it has the two broadcast contracts with HDNet and ValCom. HDNet will broadcast XFC matches live.

And he sees an international TV audience. Prisco is negotiating with 12 countries to get them to pick up the XFC broadcast shows.

Prisco’s gameplan seems to be parlaying a HDNet deal into getting a finished product he can then shop around for other deals. Whether it is a deal like XFC cut with HDNet or with the moves of other groups like the UWC (who are using a multitude of distribution channels like Sherdog streaming and Regional Sportnet’s) these smaller promotions are thinking creatively to get their product in front of viewer eyeballs. More eyeballs means more, better, and bigger sponsors to aide the growth of the promotion.

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