MMA Cage Newest Title With Designs on MMA News stand

March 27, 2009

A crowded field of MMA print media just got a bit more crowded with the announcement of the launch of MMA Cage:

MMA Cage is about to get into the ring with Fight!, Ultimate Grappling and all the other magazines that celebrate the sport of mixed martial arts. Punches, kicks and choke holds are allowed, but there’s no biting. Harris Publications—which will let MMA Cage loose on newsstands June 2—believes it has what it takes to win.

Harris plans to distribute 225,000 copies and reach paid circulation of 100,000. The title will be published quarterly for now. Despite the recession and print media’s collapse, Mr. Rheingold is also hoping to attract advertisers interested in reaching young male readers. “[MMA] is a fan-driven sport,” he says. “And it’s booming.”

Harris also publishes hip hop title XXL and basketball title Slam, so it may be able to yield some of the corporate synergies much like Fight! did with their off shoot from Bluff Media. The print media forum as a general rule is in a collapsing state, with big titles like Blender getting shuttered recently. MMA on PPV in the form the UFC has performed well while other sports have taken a dive in a down economy, and publishers launching new titles are hoping that MMA magazines can do the same.

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