Check Out Rashad, Jardine, and GSP Filming Movie

March 16, 2009

MovieSet is streaming live video from the set of Death Warrior!

Death Warrior is about a gritty MMA fighter who is forced into a twisted, underground gambling ring in which he must fight to the death with other fighters. In a desperate race against time, he is forced into a series of increasingly violent life and death matches while simultaneously piecing together the puzzle which leads him to uncover the identity of the promoter and the ultimate showdown, in which there can only be one Death Warrior

MMA fans can catch some of MMA’s biggest stars like Georges St-Pierre, Keith Jardine, Rashad Evans and Hector Echavarria live on set in L.A. Today, Rashad Evans is working and Keith Jardine and George St-Pierre are coming up on March 17th and 20th.

Death Warrior’s Bill Cocoran and Hector Echavarria talk about the ethics of Mixed Martial Arts fighting as a sport, and the reasons for its growing popularity.

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