Vargas Talks MMA

February 13, 2009

Former boxing champ Fernando Vargas sits down with the Las Vegas Sun to talk about his upcoming Boxing/MMA card. Checkout video of the interview here. While MMA purists scoff at the viability of such cards, kudos to folks like Vargas who are putting the rubber down to the pavement and going forward with these cards. While both sports will still have their fans who remain provincial, it is heartening to see a softening of stances between the two. Vargas for his part is talking a good game when it comes to MMA:

“Of course I love boxing, it’s my first love. But I looked at Roy Englebrecht (promoter) and told him I want to put on an mixed martial arts show,” Vargas said, of his transition into the promoting aspect of the fight game.

“There’s a new rage and craze in the world and it’s MMA. But I wanted to be the first one to do a show with both.”

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